How To Change My Instagram Account A Personal Blog In A Few Steps?

 change my Instagram account personal blog

No doubt, Instagram has become a Social Network monetizing. That’s probably why you want to learn how to change your personal Instagram account Blog.

How to Change Account Instagram PERSONAL BLOG in a few steps

And, if you’re here is because you use the social network, and surely you realize that public figures have your account as a personal blog or account professional.

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Whether to create a Instagram profile companies or in the case of make money with Instagram without being influencer , you always want fame and recognition, but he refuses.

All this is intended to be able to make promotions or as in the case of the personal blog, you can use to publish your personal stuff and advertise on Instagram .

And this social network has the advantage of reaching many people quickly, and also the content offered is constant. So if you want to change your Instagram account personal blog, read here will teach you how to do it.

Change settings to personal blog

If you find yourself looking for a way to change your Instagram account a personal blog, just follow these steps must leave you here.

  • First you make the login, if you did not.
  • Now go to the option « Settings » and select it.
  • In the new window options that appear, you must choose the option « Account «.
  • Now you can see a list of several options in this list simply must select the one that says « Switch to Professional account «.
  • Then you select the option « Company » and then choose it, you select the « Next «.

 change account

  • You will appear several windows, all of them, you must press on the option « Continue » until you reach the final choice.
  • Once you reach the final window, you’ll have the option to select multiple categories, among them is that of « Blog «.
  • When you select Personal blog, in this new window displays your personal information, notes that all right this or fail to change the data that are not. After you’ve finished editing, only selected « Next «.

When you finish making any changes, you can watch in your personal profile option appears Blog . In this way it is that you can change your personal Instagram account Blog in a few steps and easily.

Access Instagram statistics

Instagram provides little in terms of analysis and performance statistics for the average user of Instagram. This used to be a problem for businesses, so they created Instagram Insights for businesses and power users.

The statistics provide companies with all the essential information they need to know about your account and performance of their jobs . It gives information on his followers to help you build an image of those who care for you.

It shows their performance in Instagram during the last week: change of followers, number of publications, prints, scope, profile views, etc.

You provides detailed demographic data of its followers : gender, age, location for cities and countries, and when they are most active



influencers often operate personal blog

Quite a few influential people choose to operate the accounts personal blog and business accounts, though not actually run a business.

They take their work seriously and handled in Instagram based on a business. Influencers want to build their followers and increase their commitment.

Additional tools and l os knowledge blog provides a profile of the company, and others help your search . They also provide more information for influencers to share it with the brands they work.

Good influencers can also make magic with href=»»> Instagram

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