How Do I Know If I Am On The List Of Best Friends From Someone On Instagram?

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Today we will see How to know if I’m on the list of best friends from someone on Instagram with two methods fairly simple to perform. Also remember that can invite Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram . Without further preamble continue.

Instagram is a powerful social network focused on photos and videos. We can upload any kind of content, search people, meet new people and interact in short form and in other social networks.

However, we can not deny that Instagram has unique and very striking features. One is the list of “Best Friends” What is? Basically to publish private stories that will only see those who were selected to be part of that list.

You can post stories common and which are focused for certain people. Have stories to your best friends, does not mean you can not publish public stories , you can do both without any kind of problem.

But a big question that many people have is how can I tell if someone added me to your list of best friends? Is a fairly common and actually Instagram question not notify us when someone does, so all of a sudden we have no way of knowing when someone says to add us to your list.

However, there are two methods to find out if someone we added your best friends. Such methods are sufficiently precise and leave no doubt when you discover that a certain person added you . So without more laps, let’s start with this simple and quick tutorial to quickly know who or who you added to your list of best friends.

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How do I know if I am on the list of best friends with someone

What you have to keep in mind is that there is a precise process. There is a section on Instagram where you can see all the people you they added to their lists of best friends.

However, there are two ways to tell if someone added to your list of best friends. It’s a matter of being attentive and pay attention.

If you see a story that, back room with a circle of red, is green . It means that the story was published for best friends and, consequently, whether you see is that you are part of that list.

When you press on a story, if you look at the top right of the screen may appear “ Best Friends ” if this legend appears, the story in question is published for those who are part only from that list, so you also you find it.

 list instagram best friends

How to add someone to the list of best friends

Any of people You still can add you to their list of best friends . You can also do the same How? Then we explain in detail:

  • What you should do is go to your profile.
  • Once here presses on the three horizontal lines in the upper right of the screen.
  • displays a menu with several options. Which interests us is the one that says “ Best Friends “.
  • If you never created a list a button that says “ Start ” will appear.

A the press on the button sends us a list of suggestions to add as best friends. However, if you look up you will have the ability to search by user name who specifically want to add.

As you can observe, it is extremely easy to add people to the list of best friends. You add people you did not know until they see one of your stories as you mentioned just above.

If for some reason you still in doubt, you can read this guide to add or remove people the list of best friends on Instagram . Option useful in many circumstances.

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