Managing Accounts And Eliminate Social Profiles Linked To Instagram

Normal is reaching a point where it becomes necessary to manage and delete accounts linked to Instagram social profiles.

This mode is quite convenient, but not until we have to without or modify some realize that we do not know how.

The next post will be useful for many users, whether you need to add, remove or manage accounts linked to Instagram Whether the operating system of the laptop is Android or if you have any of the iOS operating systems.

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No matter, the procedures are the same and just as effective . It only takes a few minutes to follow this tutorial.

Managing Accounts and Delete Linked to Instagram Social Profiles

Manage accounts and eliminate social profiles linked to Instagram

Before you can start managing multiple accounts, you must know the method by which Instagram allows for more than one active session per team.

To accomplish this, first is important to note that can be linked only five (5) accounts at once . The steps to follow are as follows.

Logging in to Instagram with the first account, head to the main section of the Profile , this is accomplished by clicking on the icon of a little person at the bottom right corner.

Next, is located and select the settings menu in the upper right corner, which is represented by three horizontal lines parallel to each other.

Inside the panel has been opened, you should opt for « Settings » right to the end of the section and the characteristic toothed wheel or gear.

In this window and scrolling down, is the « Add Account «, which is chosen and the requested data to log are filled.


enlazar facebook

Other efforts

Now, after completion of the process of linking accounts that are desired, is essential to know how to vary or move from one to another .

In this sense, it is very easy to achieve, it only has to have executed the application, and meet again in the main section of the profile (bottom right icon).

Then, placed in the top left of the username , next to which an arrow appears, select it and throw us a menu.

Ultimately this can decide which account also use will also have the possibility of Add an account from there.

On the other hand, an advantage over able to manage accounts linked to Instagram, is the ability to decide how the session will start when multiple accounts have.

That is, is set as the login is preferred, available to the application will take place. Even if you have forgotten your password, possible to access Instagram account.

For this, from the section « Settings » from the menu of the profile at the bottom and in the « Logins » is selected the first option.

Which is called «Set login with multiple accounts» window will pop up with options and opt for the preferred and the safety reminder is accepted.

linked accounts Delete

On the other hand, if what you want is to get rid of an added account is as simple as manage accounts linked to Instagram, and just as fast.

This does not mean that literally will eliminate Instagram account, but will no longer be linked to another.

 facebook application

From the application Instagram, you have to direct the action to the main screen of the profile to be removed through the lower right icon will now be a miniature profile picture.

Then, access the drop-down menu with three horizontal lines in the pop tab, select « Settings » and move the view down.

A the reach the final, we will see a section called « Logins «, where different user names, preceded by the words « Exit » will be displayed.

For example, « Exit esta_cuenta » by touching the desired account, pop up a warning window, with the options « Exit » and « Change «, choose the former.

You can also see an option to « Sign out of all accounts » if I need to do it together, or in a simplified way.

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