Why I Can Not Make Video Calls On Instagram?

no can do video calls on Instagram

Instagram has grown greatly in terms of the amount of Users in a short time. Video calling is one of the functions we closer today to our friends. If you have problems with this and can not make video calls on Instagram will give you some solutions.

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Why can not I make video calls on Instagram

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Why can not I make video calls on Instagram solution

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can happen that you have some problems make video calls on Instagram or suddenly stop working. If this has happened to you, try some of these tips:

You must have a internet strong and stable. While video calls can be very funny, the truth is that it uses a lot of data, it has to send live images and sounds.

Clear the cache of Instagram. To do this you must enter the «Settings» from your phone, and look for the «Application Management». Looking Instagram in your applications to see the same information. Click «Clear Cache & gt; OK.

Uninstall and reinstall Instagram. It can sometimes happen that this worked so inadequate and it is as if reiniciáramos.

If your account Instagram Beta Tester device, delete it and move on to the original application. It is true that if you have a beta application updates arrive first, but most likely will not work correctly.

Check permissions. To access all features of Instagram is important that you have granted permission to the app to access other applications on your device, such as camera, storage, location, audio, etc.

If after you have checked all these options, yet are can use all the functions, report the problem. To do this, click on your profile avatar. Then touch the options menu top right. Search for «Help & gt; Problem & gt; Write your comment & gt; Report problem.

 chat instagram video calls

How to make video calls on Instagram easy and fast

To start a video call on Instagram we will start from the app or looking for the people we want to talk with. Remember that only from the application for mobile and Windows you can access all functions.

Instagram lets you make video calls individually or in groups. To make a call individually, we will enter the app. Touch the top right to access conversations.

If you do not have a previous conversation with that person, you can search for it using the user name from the search bar you have at the top of the screen.

Once inside the chat, touch the button on the camera you have at the top next to the username. When the other party accepts the call can access a shared screen in your face.

If you want to make a video call as a group, you’ll enter the app. Since the talks began clicking on the video camera you have right at the top of the screen.

 instagram video call several people

We will take you to a contact list of people you follow. Hover over the list or look them up by username from the search bar you have top of the screen.

A media you go electing people who want to add, click on their name so they have a tilde sky on your right. When you have finished, click « Start » above right.

will enter a chat where you can talk. From there you can warn the other members who are going to make a video call.

To start, press on the video call icon at the top right. As you begin to incorporate, the screen will be divided so that everyone can view.

From there you have various functions you can access while you are in a video call. You can add some filters to your video, minimize the screen to continue using your device in and out of Instagram , take screenshots, mute your microphone etc.

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