Pausing Stories Instagram And Whatsapp States -Fast And Easy

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Surely many of us happened to us we want to see a story in Instagram or a state of WhatsApp you have uploaded our contacts but these happen very fast and I do not know how pause . If this is your case, do not worry, because here we will tell you quick and easy way is done.

Similarly, if you step back and see the same state or overtake here also teach you how to do it. So without further ado, let what’s not interested, so you can get most out of these Social networks of great importance and greater popularity.

Pausing Stories Instagram and WhatsApp States -Fast and easy

Pause stories Instagram and WhatsApp states

There is no doubt that both Instagram and WhatsApp applications are one of the most popular and used today. Each having their own differences and advantages . For example, Instagram is ideal to upload photos and videos while WhatsApp is fabulous to be communicated through messages and video call .

However, both App have in common, power up the states or stories you want the user. But they also agree that the same go very fast and sometimes we fail to display either videos, pictures or texts that have published our friends. But fortunately there is a solution for it, you probably do not know.

The best thing is that, for pause a story or a state of your favorite social networks should not make a great effort and requires a complicated process. Here show you how it’s done.

Pause stories Instagram

  • Enter the App Instagram
  • Once there, at the top will appear all stories of people who follow
  • Choose any of them
  • To pause should only do click on the photo or video and quickly it will pause.

display movil beach boy

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  • As stop pressing history, automatically will continue passing all others quickly. However, you can repeat the process with any and anytime.

In case you want to skip or rewind stories Instagram , simply click on the right side of the screen to skip or fast forward the state. But if instead you want to rewind, press on the left side of the screen and immediately will appear the previous state.

Pause states WhatsApp

A the platform like Instagram, the process to pause its states in WhatsApp is similar:

  • The first thing to do is Open WhatsApp application
  • Then do click States
  • As the list of states, click where you want to view is displayed
  • Then place your fingers over the state and immediately will pause

stories such as

Also, if you forward or rewind , just tick on the right side of the state and the same be brought forward. While if you want to rewind, press on the left side of the screen. As you can realize, on both networks this process is easy and fast.

Why do we pause stories Instagram or WhatsApp states?

Although for long this is not a problem or perhaps do not give importance, the truth is that one of the disadvantages of these two applications is that your statements or stories passed very quickly . And most times can not spell or read what it says. So when this happens turn to pause them so you can enjoy every state or history.

However, one of the negatives is that it is a momentary pause . Ie if we press the screen, automatically States continue going normally. However, so far, is the only way to do it.

Similarly, you want to learn how to disable or mute WhatsApp states can continue browsing our website, where you will find content great interest .

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Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we would like to know your opinion important to consider pausing states and histories of WhatsApp and Instagram ? Do you know another method to pause states or stories Instagram and WhatsApp? Leave your answers in the comments.

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