How To Remove The “Online” Or “Active” In The Chat Simply Instagram

 delete instagram active

that many Instagram Search and find add friends and display if   are or offline ; This can be seen in your profile picture with a green dot. Although for many it may seem useful to see if your friends are online or not, for others it is better to hide if they are online, how to disable or remove the “online” or ” active” in Instagram cat? In this post   will explain how to disable it.

How to remove the ‘line’ or ‘active’ in the simple Instagram cat Way


A new feature of Instagram

generated a new Instagram feature on their screens, which show a direct message comes from the   last connection and also displays other contacts if you are online. Thus, one of your friends with whom you chat by PC or mobile you can find last date and time that you are online or if you are active.

This function is precisely equal to that of WhatsApp, and in fact may also be disabled. In addition, this feature allows you profiles browse different . But if you’re one of us likes to show on social networks, so make sure to implement this tutorial to disable this feature that offers Instagram.

The green dot on Instagram

 hide I am active in instagram

This feature has been added to this social network last Update iOS and Android; renovation that was completed in January 2020. In addition, this feature has been added as a supplement to the ” approval” of the messages already read Instagram message box, for example, is a complement to this feature.

On the other hand, Instagram marked by a Double check blue if you have read the message they sent you. But if you took the role of the green dot on your profile picture, notifications also read messages disappear.

Advantages and disadvantages of removing “online” chat

You can remove the green dot hidden Instagram if you are online; you can do it with basic privacy settings Well, it will also prevent others to see when connected and the last time you were online. however, disable this function can lead to a state in your incognito Instagram for those who follow you and you in your best list of friends. But this mode can receive and write messages to your contacts; but they will not know if you or not.

chat mode to Remove Online   Instagram

If you are connected to Instagram and want to change the Active mode follow these simple steps and contacts stop watching your last connection and the green dot on your profile photo

  1.  . Enter Instagram
  2. .   Then enter Profile
  3.   Click on the top right (all 3 points)
  4. Drag the cursor down and click Status activity
  5.   Then it will be 2 options and off both
  6. .

 stay in complete privacy and instagram hide I am active

In this way, once the parameters of leave; nobody can see when was the last time you were online or you find online . Therefore, no person you can control your movements or say things like “you were here a few hours ‘ or’ were connected and I do not write” .

However, you must remember that you you see other online , or see when was the last time you were logged.

But if for want of reason to return to this function can undo this when you want. To do this, simply repeat the steps above and turn the two options you just stop and therefore the changes are canceled.

Now that you know how to delete the function or active Instagram online chat, enjoy good privacy and prevent others from viewing the stories you publish . If you enjoyed this article, leave your comments and if you were useful can share with friends or family.

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