How To Upload My Instagram Shopping Products To Sell Quickly?


Instagram since joining with Facebook, not to get updated and new things (such as new blogs help Instagram ), so the same people are starting to look how to make money with this social network, and with that in mind you see How to upload my products to sell Instagram Shopping?

And, in case you did not know, and can make money from your account Instagram without being influencer, thanks to the new role of Shopping, which not only streamlines sales within the same app, but also allows large and small businesses to open their businesses and expand sales.

Shopping Instagram Requirements

Now, going straight to the point of interest so that you learn as soon as possible how to upload my products to Instagram Shopping, the first thing you have to consider are the requirements you must meet to achieve this , which are:

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First page Instagram have set as a company profile, also have an official Facebook href=»»> , which you have to be linked to Instagram from the profile of the same.

In addition to Facebook you have the option to store on (what would be the product catalog of Facebook), finally a website sync with the catalog of your Facebook and sell physical products.

icon shopping instagram

If you do not meet any of these requirements will be impossible bands on Instagram, since each of them is mandatory and they are requested by the same owners of the various social networks.

How to integrate the online store with the product catalog of Facebook?

Of all those requirements previously, perhaps the most difficult to find to do (in words), is to integrate an online store with Facebook, but actually this is the easiest of all.

To achieve this single process to have to go to the help service companies Facebook , there will be links to online stores that you can use, for example. Shopify, Bigcommerce, among others

Giving each of the links can register to these stores, and complete the instructions tell you to integrate him cataloged Facebook.

How to upload my products to Instagram Shopping?

With the above you know what to requirements met to start selling, so now finally will show how to upload my products to Instagram Shopping, so that you can get out of here and start your business.

The process to achieve this is very simple, once set everything up with Facebook, you automatically exit an option to label products that are going to sell. So what you do is the following:

First upload a photo with the products as they always do (with effects, filters, etc.), then touch the photo product you want to tag, once done seen writing the names of each product, this it will exit a drop down of objects catalog , which to the touch create the label.

 shopping cart and logo Instagram

Finally Touch «Done» and then» share» . Now the pictures have a label shaped shopping bag, that if you press any buyer, will allow you to see the page of the product (the price) and let you buy from the same Instagram.

And ready, with that we know how to upload my products to Instagram Shopping, so you can go without delay to start selling all your catalog, so that your business to increase sales immediately.

But before you leave, so that you can supplement your information would not hurt to look guides such as : How to activate and use Instagram Shopping? , as this will not leave in doubt about anything, and your business will rise as the foam of good beer.

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