What Are They And How Instagram Guides Work? Discover New Blogs Help Instagram


Today, anyone who uses a social network can assure them that add new features almost every day; and the case of Instagram is no exception. From time to time, its developers include new features or options that make ever better the famous social network. That is why, if you want to enjoy more of it, in this article we show What they are and how Instagram guides function.

If you want to be at the top of all updates and upgrades available on Instagram, no problem, because today we help you find new blogs help Instagram , with which you can enjoy much more your experience using social network. Keep reading and you will not regret to know everything that the new guidelines have to offer.

What are the guidelines Instagram?

For several years now, Instagram has become an important part of the lives of millions of people, becoming one of the major social networks worldwide. And this in understandable as simplicity and ease of use allow all kinds of people use it without any problems.

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Even for those who want to have an online business tools like the publications program Instagram give them the opportunity to do so easily and quickly. And a new option very similar, is the guides that we can include in our Instagram feed.

But What are these guidelines? Well, in short, allow us to easily discover and share content , as tips on a certain area. Some of the other topics touched on these new guidelines have been the prevention of suicide, mental health, among others. & Nbsp;

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Of course, we can also publish content other, but because of the recent release of the guidelines, has not much depth the issues addressed in them. Now, how can we use these guidelines? We show you below.

How Instagram guides work?

Once you have seen how these guidelines are addressed, surely you’re wondering how they work and how to use them. To start, you need to update the Instagram app on your device to the latest version. & Nbsp;

When you’re sure to have the latest version, you can continue the process. Instagram guides include text, images, videos, and other details, ranging explaining in detail tips or steps to reach a specific goal; so we can say that it is very much like a blog within the app.

You can find guides in a new tab that was added to the user profile, in addition to appearing when we are exploring content. Is an excellent option to have more visits stories Instagram because it allows people deepen much more in your account. If your journey through Instagram you find one of these guides, you have to do is press to see better picture of it.

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This will allow open and can access all the content it offers. Besides, if you like the guide and want others to enjoy it, share in your stories and messages.

Who can make guides Instagram?

probably want to start making guides on Instagram, and we are pleased to let you know that this option is now available for all users. Due to its recent release to the public only early 2020, only a select number of users could start creating their stories; but now available for all the social network .

That’s why we encourage you to start create and design publications now, so you can share them as soon as possible in your new guides Instagram. We hope that all this information you can be useful to your account using Instagram and Logres get the most out of all the new tools that add to it with the passage of time.

Let nothing stop you from keeping you on with all the latest in technology and do everything that you achieve what you propose without any problems in the wonderful social network Instagram.

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