Why ‘Reels’ Not Me Appear In Instagram On My Iphone Or Android? – Solution


Instagram is one of the best social networks that exist, this is due to its great features and functions (eg you can now Mode using Vanish ), so everyone wants to know how to use it fully , and with that in mind today you will see why ‘Reels’ does not appear in Instagram me?

And, if you’re a user who uses this network regularly, you probably want to use everything new that brings, so must be frustrating that some of the new features do not work, but quiet it not only happens to you, and your problem has several easy solutions.

Why not me ‘Reels’ appears on Instagram?

Now, to go directly to the grain, the first thing to do to achieve solve the why ‘Reels’ do not appear in Instagram, is to update your application to the última version available at the official store.

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Since often the error occurs because your app is out of date or because some file got worse, which is corrupted and is causing you such failure. In the event that this is not so, it’s time to see the solutions.

The number one is trying to force the closure of Instagram, so that the application is restarted and everything is loaded again (including its functions). To accomplish this you must first go to the menu » settings» then go to the section «Applications», and finally to the «Application Manager».

 instagram logo background color dots

Once there, you’ll notice that leave a list of applications, navigate to find Instagram and enters it after that proceeds to give the button is called «Force stop.»

Finally, Instagram enters again from scratch, if all went well and the reels should be active to use and see. Note that this solution is for any device regardless of operating system.

Clear the cache Instagram

With the above and should be able to answer the question Why ‘Reels’ not me appear in Instagram ?, but if this did not happen and even those with the same problem, then it is time to take action more drastic as a solution.

One of these is clear data cache or Instagram full, as it may be that as in the above process, any data you are playing badly loaded tricks.

If you want to achieve clear the cache, the first thing you have to do is open » settings» then go to the section that is called «Applications» there opens «Administrator» If all went well should now get out all your applications.

Within the same seeks Instagram and press it when you are in your personal section down to find the options » clear data» and» clear cache» and oprímelas, finally returns to Instagram so everything should be solved.

The old reliable, uninstall and reinstall

If none of this had any effect on your app, then it is time to uninstall and reinstall the application, so that finally culminate with the issue of why no ‘Reels’ I get on Instagram.

mobile in hand with instagram

The process for this on any operating system is very simple, just to touch your app and send it to the trash icon. Once uninstalled the application, go to your store and from there back to lower it.

With that the problem should be completely gone at last, if not, you can always try bajándote the APK Instagram your web browser, to see if that way reels work.

And voila, you’re free to go to try any of these solutions that you showed, however prior to retiring, recalls further research on updates Instagram, because maybe call you attention, for example look: What part of Instagram are guidelines And what are they?

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