How To Prevent Internet Connection Is Disconnected All The Time?

 avoid internet disconnect all the time

They are very different the causes that can generate a our internet connection is disconnected every moment. Either because you are downloading a movie, series or game. But this problem can generate a lot of stress, which is why in the next article will show How to prevent the internet connection is disconnected all the time?

How to prevent disconnect the Internet connection every few minutes?

But overall this happens a lot when trying to download movies or watch them online with streaming service. And surely we are connected by a wireless or WiFi network, as this may be due to saturation of the connection. In this tutorial we will explain what you must do to prevent the internet all the time to disconnect.

By assumptions must first check that your fiber connection is not presenting physical problems. This means that there is no bad connection line distributors, or telecommunications server is not present problems when connecting. If this is right, then you should check that you have no problem with WiFi Router or .

How to prevent the Internet connection is disconnected all the time?


already discussed in other publications on the possible causes that generate my internet connection be slower, due to fear installed programs. But the total disconnection can make a very serious problem and in most cases a real nuisance. It’s why we check the connections and devices that will be responsible for providing the service must be a priority.

 disconnect internet avoid

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But if this failure happens solely when you make a download or want to watch a movie or video, you should know certain things. First, the connections are limited to use of bandwidth. We also need to know your Router has a limited capacity for number of devices that can be connected at once.

We say this because there are variables that you must take into account when drawing your conclusions and determine because off the internet all the time. We must also take into account that if you download & nbsp ; or we reproduce a film in 4K and there are also other connected devices and browsing, it is very normal that the connection is lost.

What to do to prevent the connection is disconnected Internet

Here we will give some indications accounts to help you prevent the internet connection is disconnected every time . But before we look good if the meter signal strength, tells you that if full, half, or at its lowest level. This will give you an idea if the problem is signal and not a problem of your devices.

If the signal is good, then must try to make a configuration signal, but before if you are on your PC runs Windows Network Diagnostics. You’re likely to have problems with the DNS server and it does not respond. In this case the problem is the company that provides you with telecommunications services.

But still, you can fix it yourself, you must do the following sees the network administrator now choose the network properties. And you change the Internet Protocol Version 4 addresses and DNS must write And These belong to Google and then you click on OK to do this will solve your problem.

In addition else you can do if you connect via WiFi is get closer to the router. And then check if the connection is still losing, if not then it means that you expand the WiFi coverage. This can be purchased at the store a WiFi repeater, this device picks up the signal expand of the WiFi Router.

 internet connection

This tutorial teaching ends this way trying to solve a problem that often happens with some frequency and when there is a high data traffic and number of connected devices. And so easy to learn how to prevent the Internet connection is disconnected every few minutes.

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