How To Block Access To Adult Sites With Dns Angel?

Access technology is more fluid than in the last few years, thanks to electronic devices have become something essential for our life. This led everyone in our family, they are involved in these objects and what they offer.

This is very good for us, since we have very amazing tools to do a job we need. Moreover, it has a drawback that we must be very aware, especially with children.

As if convenient access any device and find all kinds of information, you may run the risk that children enter inappropriate pages . adult websites , which show inappropriate content for some people.

What Angel DNS and what is it?

Thanks to the use of practical tools, we can do all sorts of things like block these pages in browsers such as Google . Currently, there are many alternatives that can be used to prevent access to those pages to all those who want to enter.

One of the tools used for this are the DNS can be configured to block specific pages . Such is the case of the Angel DNS, we can get for free.

The Angel DNS DNS DNS changes our computer program, DNS block access to those pages that provide inappropriate content. It is available for the Windows operating system, which can easily download.

This program has a very simple and easy to use interface, which can be configured to our liking and needs. Also offers several options we can afford, but one of the most used blocks adult sites for children.

In this article, we will learn the steps to download the Angel DNS on your computer. Later, we will know the right that we can put in place to prevent access to sites train adults.

How to download Angel DNS on my computer?

This is a very handy tool which is very important to have, especially if you have children at home. To download this application, it is important first step to enter our browser confidence.

Once there, we go to the search bar at the top of the screen and select it. Then we find the official website of Angel DNS . In this way, we enter the page where you can download the DNS Angel .

just should not go down until you find the Download and we click it, it will start to download the Angel DNS program. We must have patience and wait for the download process is complete.

will download a compressed file to unzip the file we are looking in the download folder. We then right click on the file and select the From Here . Option

will start a process that loads very fast, the file where we run the DNS Angel program will be deleted. Now we are ready to block access to adult sites.

How to Use DNS Angel

The first thing to do is to open the program, so we double-click it, a window where we choose the “Yes. “ In this way, it will run DNS Angel program can see that is an application with a very simple interface.

The program has six options, each of which performs a specific function, but we want is to block access to adult sites. To do this, select the “Open DNS Family” This is the second option right and left.

check if the action was applied correctly , we must open our browser and search all adult sites. When trying to access the page, we can not see the content of the page.

In this way, we can block access to adult websites, using the DNS Angel program. As may account is a simple process that anyone can do, because this application offers an intuitive interface.

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