How to connect two Mac laptops with Ethernet

 network cables connected to router

The Ethernet is known as the network connection between computers via a cable, allowing & nbsp ; have a network of linked computers in the same area together. It is even possible to connect two Mac laptops with Ethernet. Do not miss this section ..!

Ethernet is normally used in large and small companies to manage their employees the same information from the same space. Heeding this utility’s how to do it with a step by step simple.

Is it possible to connect between     & nbsp two laptops, Mac  ? Ethernet

already raised this question is clear it, so we’ll help you easily answer. It is very common that people connect said Ethernet cables to a modem or other device, however not dare to connect between   yes.   computer

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connectors on a laptop

In the regard, it is appropriate to say that you can transfer files between devices without any problems using the Ethernet cable. Let’s start:

  1. First turn on both laptops, you must have on hand a Ethernet network adapter. And the cable.
  2. Then, you must enter one of the PC and give the window right click «Open Network and Sharing center.» This you must do each computer connected .
  3.   Following the same order of ideas, need to click the «Ethernet» connection and you will have to click on «Properties
  4. .

  5. Now, once there have to to click a «Protocol Version 4 TCP «and again give click properties.
  6. Since the previous step now need to click on «Use the following IP address.» And place the following number «» and the next computer enters the next IP: «
  7. This will take you as the next step to click «Validate the settings to go» and give OK. Expects the network diagnostic to see if a problem is detected.
  8. Once this is done you can already look the other networked computer. However, you can not share information.
    As you can see, it is very easy to connect Two   & nbsp computers, laptops with Ethernet but can transfer files between   yes? See below.

    Can I transfer files between computers connected by Ethernet?

      You can   do it very quickly How? Simply because   have   to create a homegroup. And you have to select the files you want to share whatever they are; documents, photos, or files.

    Dale click on the   must   scoring a password that gives you the   PC   should give click finish and that’s all you have to do to share your files on a computer to another.

    It is not at all difficult to unite and share this information, just follow the step by step to have a guaranteed success.

    What are the advantages   & nbsp Ethernet;? Currently

    network connector

    A’s have a 1Gbps can improve your bandwidth in the internet connection , allowing you to enjoy the best speed in it. You can have   more   security, many times our data are shared to the entry into our database through the wifi, however   the Ethernet.   will provide protection for securing your decrypted data

    In addition,   as mentioned above,   the Ethernet   we can transmit information from a   PC   u computer   to another without any problem.   Allowing  . Better perform the work to be done

    The Ethernet   has caused a stir in the business industry for its versatility of use, we recommend you try this kind of technology   and   enjoy the best connection


    With these skills will be able to connect two Mac laptops with Ethernet.   In conclusion we hope that the information we give you today will be useful. Do not forget about your experience we love to read.

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