How To Convert A Psd File To Pdf Free Online Easily

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PSD and PDF are two types of document we see very often on the internet these days. But although we know the name and have used, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what it is for everyone. This article will show you what are PSD and PDF files, and how to convert a PSD file to PDF online for free.

About the PSD and PDF



The PSD is a type of graphics file. His name actually comes from the acronym for   PhotoShop Document . As its name suggests, this is a file type that is used primarily with the program Adobe Photoshop. However, it also can used in Android devices.

If you do not know what it is and Adobe Photoshop what it is , you have what is known as” raster graphics editor. ” Is a program that lets you create and edit images to save them in a format rasterized graphics, such as JPG, PNG, or &Nbsp;. GIF

The main feature that separates Photoshop and other programs like Microsoft Paint, is the support for layers. When you create or edit an image in Paint, everything you do is saved in a single layer, which is the image itself. But when you create or edit an image you PhotoShop, you can work on different layers.

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This means you can have a layer with a drawing, another layer with color and another layer with details. Or like many artists of the digital world you can have a layer to the bottom of the drawing, a layer to what is in front, and one for the details; and you can also copy and paste these layers in other files.

But the files rasterized as JPG or PNG bear no layers, just keep the whole picture, so Photoshop need a file type that supports layers , to save power information in each layer, instead of an image as such.

This is the   PSD file . It’s basically a File   image , but supports each layer separately. However, the   PSD is used only with PhotoShop and some compatible programs


So when see one, can not be see if it is a PSD image file. So when you finish a drawing, a presentation or a document in Photohop; necessary export or convert it to a file that others can easily see.


The PDF files support text, images, and even sometimes code. But if something can not stand, it’s layers. &Nbsp; The PDF name comes from the acronym Portable Document Format (Portable Document Format)


As the name implies, is made to be portable. Almost all devices can open and even edit PDF files in one way or another, so the best way to send your presentation, document, and even drawing is in PDF.

How to convert a PSD file to PDF and vice versa

If you came here, chances are you already know what each file, but you’re not sure how they are managed. If you’re a Photoshop user, all you have to do to turn your project into a PDF, is   use the export button within Photoshop


You must open your project, select the “File” menu on the top bar, go to “export”, then “Export as …” There you will have several options to select. These include JPG, TIFF, and PDF. &Nbsp;

How to convert the file online

If you do not have photoshop, but you need to read a PSD file , it is best to make using a converter free online. &Nbsp; This is also good for you if   have photoshop and want to use it to edit a PDF

convert psd file

There are many services that can convert your file for free; which we recommend in this article it is convertio . To convert your PSD   convertio , all you have to do is:

  1. Upload a file to page (Quiet, nobody but you can see it) by clicking on “Select files”
  2. Choose the file types input and output
  3. Press convert
  4. . &Nbsp; Download the file turned

And already, you can take your file to anywhere, open with any PDF reader, such as   Adobe Acrobat, Nitro or Foxit Reader. The same instructions serve you to the contrary, convert a PDF to PSD for editing with Photoshop. If you need character recognition, convertio also offers this service for free, but only up to 10 pages.

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