How To Have Internet Access On My Mobile And Tablet Android Without Applications? -Definitive Guide

You’ve probably had moments when have you Internet access to your phone or tablet Android , but you do not know how to do. That’s why we tell you that if you can have free internet without downloading extra applications on your phone.

How to Have Free Internet Mobile or Tablet Android without using Apps

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This is something necessary when a WiFi speed test indicates that the connection It is failing and we need to transact or answer important messages. So here we show you some ways to get free internet on your mobile or tablet.

Set up VPN on your device

This method requires you to make some small adjustments to the VPN from your device so we can have a more secure connection.

Then the first thing you should do is make sure your phone has one of the href=””> 4.0 features.

He also understanding what it is, what it does and how to update the Android kernel your kernel version should end in “ 917 “.

Now, to create a new must APN go to “ Settings ” then “ Options networks ” and finally to “ Point Names access “or” APN “once there press the” + “icon.

You will appear some boxes, but you just have to change the following information:

Name: APN Free



Port: 8080


Password: 123456

Type of authentication: PAP or CHAP

APN type. Default

 Configure VPN

Once you make the changes you press on “ Save “, and you’ll have created your new APN when you need it.

How to get Internet access

Now if your house works not change the VPN, you might find some other ways to get to have free internet for your phone or tablet.

If you have the Facebook app installed on your mobile or tablet this may be a way to find free internet. You just have to log in with your account and select the menu located on the right side of the screen.

Now, you’re going to press on the “ Search WiFi ” option and then you can view all available WiFi networks found in around you.

The disadvantage of this option is only going to give you free networks choices in restaurants, hotels or bars that are around you. But you will not show possible networks elsewhere.

On the other hand, a way to have free internet for your mobile or Tablet is looking WiFi networks without configuration keys that are around you. For this it is only necessary to go to “ Settings ” and pressures on the “ WiFi ” option, now press on “ Update .”

 free WIFI

Then you will see a list with all WiFi networks are available around you. You just have to see if any of them is free and enter it.

Parks, shopping centers or restaurants

Another way to enjoy Internet access for mobile or Tablet is going to parks, shopping centers or restaurants include services offer users a free WiFi network.

Normally to enjoy this service you need to consume the products of the place, in the case of restaurants. In malls on the other hand, it is common that is saturated the network and be a little slow browsing your network.

The same applies to WiFi networks parks, because they are open to the public there are moments that are too collapsed and You are not going to allow you to do much with it.

Beware of the tricks you use!

It is true that there are many tricks you can find on the internet that offer free internet mobile and tablet in an easy way. But this is not always true and rather can damage your phone or tablet, because many rely on an application.

There are no official applications that can help you get free internet, and normally mentioned on the internet are programs that you download one of these pages, which makes your phone may be damaged.

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