How To Send Sms Or Text Messages You Massive Free Mobile Internet?

The internet has given us a lot of things as time goes on. We can investigate almost anything, search for images, videos, news and the list is long. It even gives you the opportunity to promote your company, your products and promotions to offer.

Today visitors can send e massive and easily customized in Gmail . This ingenious method it is widely used and convenient because you can reach your audience easily and directly. But how can you send Bulk SMS for people you know? That is why we come to talk to you. We will explain step by step how to send free and safely, see how your income up like foam.

What they are SMS Masivos?

Bulk SMS from mobile

Basically is to send messages to a large number of people simultaneously and in real time, even over the Internet. These are known as bulk SMS SMS Marketing and is a great alternative to let you know and increase your income. Thanks to these messages can increase your clientele and make people you can attract more your brand.

With this in mind, you might want to know how to use this type of SMS messages or mass to improve your business. That’s why we will give you some simple steps so you can start using them easy and simple way.

How to send SMS or bulk text messages?

 massive text messages Email Marketing

For this we will use the platform MDirector . This will allow you to send bulk text messages to all your customers. As the same platform says, “Communicates and loyalty to your customers wherever they are” making it ideal. Without further ado, we’ll show how to use this amazing messaging platform in a simple, practical and easy.

Step 1

The first thing to do is register on the platform with your email; then you send an email to your inbox to verify your account. So go and sign up MDirector if you have not done so you can continue with the other steps in the list.

Now when you verify, you will have to fill out a form with your information and you’re ready to start sending your SMS.

Step 2

Once you’re inside the page, you will see at the top right of an orange box that says “Create Shipment”. You must click on the arrow attached to doing so several options will be deployed, and you choose the one that says “ Create SMS.”

Step 3

Then a window where you have to fill three different sections will open; the first is the creative section where you write the message. It is also where write who the sender, the name of the message, labels and campaign to which it belongs.

Step 4

When you finish adding the basic data move on to the next section where we will select all the contacts you want to send to. So you can import either a saved list in advance or creating a new list and typing them directly.

After you give the button I analyze and wait for the page to reload, followed by that you’ll next.

Step 5

We got to the last step. In the last section you’ll see a short summary of your post with the options you set and see the list of recipients. The page also gives you the option to program it so that you receive statistics sent to your email.

You only have to run the sent and voila, you will have sent your message to the contact list easy, fast and free way.

Why use SMS or text messages mass?

We hope our guide to send free text messages from internet help and to publicize your business.

Of course the SMS they are a great marketing tool, but sometimes your business needs more than just text messages. Especially when your company is international and need to talk directly with customers and suppliers.

Another great tool is the international phone calls. So visit our blog where we’ll show you how to free and easy international calls from your PC or mobile phone.

You can also be interested to know how to send messages by WhatsApp massive other form of communicate and send important information.

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