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 activate the Dark Mode All web Pages

The tools come in computers and mobile phones are becoming more innovative. Most of them, in recent years, are aimed at improve or to monitor the health of its users .

The technology should go hand in hand with health

One of the tools that go hand in hand with the health of its users , have been smart watches or bracelets. Devices that can be linked to the mobile phone and also have the necessary applications for you to provide all the information about your health condition.

A good example is the smart watch company Xiaomi, the My Band, with a capacity of register your heart rate and sports activities you make.

Taking care of your vision

Within all these considerations to their users, and having knowledge of the hours you can spend a person in front of a computer or using your phone, developers have implemented some tools to report whether it is time to give rest your eyes or some other alternative to reduce the awkwardness that may be your view.

 filter blue light

First steps

One of the tools adopted, mainly for computers, was the blue light filter . Monitors desktops or laptops come with increasing power and resolution.

Then, this filter was incorporated into mobile phones to care for the impact of brightness and resolution of the screens in the eyes .

What is the blue light filter?

is understood by those blue light particles traveling electromagnetic waves in each wave length is displayed as a different color. This filter is a remove much of this type of light emitted by the screens .

Alternative: Dark Mode

Another measure incorporated by computers and mobile phones, an alternative to filter blue light, is the dark mode .

Not only has a positive impact on your view , but also on your phone or computer, as the dark interface of your phone, applications and web pages have a lower demand on the battery .

Set Mode dark in your browsers and web pages

As much as computers can have options to turn dark mode , this does not mean that browsers are affected by this, while maintaining the traditional way.

This time, you will know how to turn dark mode on all web pages across different browsers.

 dark mode on in your browser

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Dark Mode in Google Chrome

To start enjoying the dark mode option in your browser Google Chrome , you must enter the configuration panel browser and follow these instructions:

  1. Locates and enters the themes section.
  2. Select the dark theme.
  3. Automatically, this option will be applied to all web pages you visit through this browser.
  4. Thus, dark mode will activate the browser interface , without having greater impact on web pages you visit. To force the dark mode at any web site, do the following:

    1. On the taskbar, Chrome writes: // flags
    2. In the Ventada that opens, select Dark Force Mode for Web Contents
    3. Check the box to enable this feature.
    4. Set Mode dark from Mozilla Firefox

      This is another browsers used worldwide , and how you can turn the dark mode is equally simple. Only takes two minutes of your time to do the following:

      1. Write in the navigation bar about: config
      2. You will have a search bar, which will place ui.systemUsesDarkTheme
      3. Select the option number and places the number one (1).
      4. Unlike Google Chrome, the browser does not yet implemented the options to force the dark theme on all web pages.

        Opera can turn this feature?

        The application of this browser on Android phones was already available. Just simply stop pressed on the icon Opera and an options window in which you activated mode is displayed dark .

        Moreover, version of Opera for Windows 10 automatically adjusts to this dark mode . That is, simply set up your computer with the dark mode for the browser automatically change how you start.

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        It is also possible to enable obscurely on your computer with Windows 10 easily and rest your eyes even when you’re in your favorite browser.

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