What It Is, What It Does And How The Network Operates Man? – Advantages And Disadvantages

 Metropolitan Area Network

Internet connections we have today have allowed us to share information in real time from one place to another, regardless of distance. This has driven the development of our world in an unprecedented way.

Today is easier than ever to access an Internet connection , wherever we are there is access to the network. This is made possible by the network systems has been installed worldwide.

From the beginning we realized that the internet would be something revolutionary the world as we know it. The fact enter the network and able to communicate with people who desire no matter the distance is impressive.

What it is, what it does and how the MAN network work?

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Red Man

This design is to make connections between all possible components, such as computers. They were previously known as access points, where people could go and connect to the network.

With the passing of time were implemented more and more network systems throughout the world. There are many methods used to make these possible connections among the most popular are Network Connections MAN .

MAN stands for English Metropolitan Area Network or translated into Spanish, «Metropolitan Area Network ‘. This is a high-speed network, which can be installed on a wide geographical area up to 50 km, sufficient to interconnect a large city.

A MAN working with a connection can access instantly share information. The security data being transmitted is very high, much more than the usual network connections.

What is the MAN network and how does it work?

 Networks, blue planet

With connections MAN network You can share data files, voice and video instantly from one place to another without complications. These connections can be both public and private, depending on its design.

They are ideal for companies that handle sensitive information and do not want to be operated by third parties. This thanks to security is handled through MAN network is very high and reliable.

This system works by fiber optic cables or multiple copper pairs , which they are installed along the territory you want to have access to this network. Once installed computers are connected to different access points.

The data to be fully share travel safely through the cable until you reach your destination. These networks are also connected to servers that are providing access to the Internet, so you can access the web very easily.

speed navigation is handled through this system is very high. If working with a connection through multiple twisted copper pairs speed can be up to 20 Mbit per second.

In the case of connection to a MAN network via optical fiber connection speed can be up to 10 Gbit per second. Which makes it one of the fastest interconnected systems currently known.

Advantages and disadvantages of MAN


Among one of the main advantages obtained by using a MAN network, you have to security is very high. and the speed at which data is shared and accessed the web, is one of the fastest in the world.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of these connections we find that there are many limitations in the legal field . Because it is almost impossible to trace the information transmitted.

We also observed limitations as to the Maximum range that can cover a MAN network, can not exceed 50 km. Design costs are usually very high, due to the materials.

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