What Are Criptomonedas And How The Business Of The Bitcoin Work?

The world of Internet business is changing every day bringing with it new forms of trade between users means more secure. Therefore increased at that time people’s interest in learning new ways to do business.

You want to know a new way to make money online, it’s easy? So you are at the good place. Being the day and other ways of how make money on the web is very useful and we will show you.

is Criptomonedas and the arrival of a range of options for new businesses open to all who work at home. It is very difficult to understand how it works this new way of working and this article will tell you how.

What they are Criptomonedas?

digital currency encryption technology designed to ensure the validity of transactions between users. This technology is also responsible for controlling the creation of new units Criptomonedas With the participation of people in the network. Today it is very easy to create an account cash criptomonedas Bitcoins.

A user can become miner Criptomonedas to your PC looking to solve complex mathematical calculations to create new units TCB buy others. And this is basically the technology, now we’ll see a bit of history behind

A little history of Bitcoin

 Bitcoin digital age

Did you know that in the 90s with the development of technology that took have tried unsuccessfully to create digital currency? Some of the projects that have failed at that time were the Flooz, Beenz and DigiCash all these parts eventually disappear from the market.

It was not until 2009 when a programmer under the alias “Satoshi Nakamoto” presented to the world a new Criptomonedas called Bitcoin. Such was the success of this new currency that until now has dominated the world market for Criptomonedas.

And with this programmer virtual currencies business could stay afloat saute user confidence in the project.

How is the company work Bitcoin?

 Bitcoin Mineria

Well, you know it’s a little and cryptocurrency its history, it is now time to show you how is the business of Bitcoin. This virtual currency has many uses and there are many ways to make money with it, but we’ll focus on three of them. These three forms are Holding, trade and mining are the most popular among users.   Then you learn how to buy   and sell Bitcoins in all countries.


is undoubtedly the # 1 choice for doing business with Bitcoins and is also the first to try, because it is less risky. simply involves buying units of BTC in place by Exchange and wait for the price to sell these units up.

You should keep in mind that this method gain is long term and have a considerable amount of money to invest. Also should try to buy BTC at the lowest possible price for the company for long-term lucrative and profitable.


This method should be used with Caution: because unlike the other is very high risk, but made very good profits. Is it simply Active Sale of all high liquidity of product on the market online.

We say it is the biggest market for more high-risk entry and exit will be able to drop your capital. Thus, this method should be used with knowledge on the subject and using advanced statistical tools.


Mining is one of the most popular methods for making money with Criptomonedas is to use your PC to generate BTCS. Using the powerful hardware of a user’s computer art can harm Bitcoins, you just PC to solve complex mathematical problems.

In doing so, the user’s reward network with fragments of Bitcoin to collect over time and thus earn money by selling them. This option is best if you count with a powerful computer or if you have enough money to invest in a extraction system

But maybe – maybe you do not want to compromise your PC or other Minen of it – one, for that reason, says the following article How to prevent hackers or Minen Bitcoin criptomonedas on your computer.

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