How to buy a stock with RobinHood

What started as a pet project of two Stanford graduates quickly became one of the most disruptive business platforms to date. Robinhood aimed to revolutionize trading by eliminating transaction fees on the platform.

Therefore, the platform has attracted a large following, especially among millennials. The following sections provide information on how to trade on the platform. Additionally, the article explores some of the questions you might have.

How do I buy shares on Robinhood?

Buying shares on Robinhood is very easy on the mobile app and through the web panel. The following sections provide a quick guide to both methods and assume that you have already created and connected your account.

web dashboard

  1. Go to the details page. This is where you can track earnings, stock performance, and analyst ratings. Tap the magnifying glass icon and find the stocks you want to buy.
    How to buy a stock with RobinHood
  2. Click on the stock you want to buy.
    How to buy a stock with RobinHood
  3. Enter the amount you want to spend, then click «Review Order.»
    How to buy a stock with RobinHood
  4. Follow the remaining instructions to purchase your stock.

Mobile app

  1. Open the Robinhood app on your phone and tap on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen. From here, you can browse by category or search for a specific company to buy stock.
    How to buy a stock with RobinHood
  2. When you’ve located the company or category, tap the stock you want to buy. Next, tap on the “Buy” option at the bottom of the page.
    How to buy a stock with RobinHood
  3. Write the amount (in dollars). If you want to place an order, tap “Dollars” in the upper right corner, then enter your PIN and tap “Review”.
    How to buy a stock with RobinHood
  4. Please review your order before final confirmation and press “Edit” to make changes. Swipe up to complete the order.

How to fund your Robinhood account?

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Robinhood makes it easy to deposit money and you can do it through a mobile app and web-based dashboard. Here are the steps for each method.

web dashboard

  1. In the upper right section of the dashboard, select “Account” and then “Bank”.
  2. On the right side of the dashboard, click on the “Transfers” panel and select the account from which to transfer the funds. Then write the amount.
  3. Select “Review” to verify the amount, then finish the action by clicking “Submit”.

Mobile app

  1. Select your account”. On iOS, it’s the person icon at the bottom right of the screen. For Android users, it’s the Menu icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Choose “Transfers”, then “Robinhood Transfers” and select your account.
  3. Type the deposit amount, verify it and submit it to complete the action.

Important notes: On business days, it is possible to deposit up to $50,000. Robinhood does not accept checks, but those with a cash management account can enable direct deposit.

Additional FAQs

Can I buy Robinhood stock?

At the time of this writing, you cannot buy Robinhood stock because the company is not yet listed. The company did not disclose the date of the IPO, but it could happen soon.

In the first quarter of 2021, Robinhood found itself in the middle of a battle between institutional and online retail investors looking for AMC Entertainment and GameStop. Many investors bought the shares of these companies through Robinhood.

This is a promising sign, but you will still have to wait for the company to go public.

Is Robinhood safe for investors?

Yes, Robinhood is safe. The company is subject to the regulations of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). They are also members of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

Even better, your account is protected beyond the standard SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) coverage. Specifically, there is an “excess SIPC” after exhausting the standard SPIC, and it covers the following:

• $10 million in values ​​for each client

• $1.5 million (cash deposits)

When can I buy shares on Robinhood?

Markets are generally open for trading between 9:30 pm and 4:00 pm EST on business days. However, Robinhood offers extended trading hours, so you can trade before and after the market. The schedule is as follows:

• Pre-market: 30 minutes before the market (9:00 am)

• After hours: 2 hours after the market closes (6:00 pm)

When trading during extended hours, the stock’s trading price is the real-time price. Orders you place during these hours are executed when the market opens or at the start of the extended hours.

Important notes: You can execute trades two minutes before the start of extended hours (8:58 am). There are marketplaces that support longer extended hours than those used by Robinhood.

Is Robinhood a good broker for day trading?

Yes, Robinhood is a good broker for day trading, but there are a few things you need to know.

On the one hand, many people love Robinhood because it made day trading accessible to everyone through its app. The entire experience has been gamified, making it especially appealing to millennials. However, you would need a fairly large account to make any significant profit.

The average Robinhood account is between $1,000 and $5,000, which might not be enough to see the returns you expect. In addition, you should pay attention to the rules and order types of PDT (Pattern Day Trader).

Can you short sell on Robinhood?

Currently, you cannot officially short sell on Robinhood. The app offers you to buy put options, which could be considered a multiple strategy for shorting stocks. As long as you know the variables that affect price, put options can be just as profitable as short selling.

Also, you can open Robinhood Gold which is a margin account. Next, find the stock to short and determine your exit strategy. But be careful; it is a very risky strategy and losses are deducted from the value of your account, not just borrowed funds. Therefore, there is a possibility that the margin will increase your losses.

Is it free to buy shares on Robinhood?

Yes, it is free to buy shares, trade them and trade funds on Robinhood. The same goes for trading and buying cryptocurrencies with the app. The company claims that the service will always be commission-free.

But, SROs (self-regulatory organizations) like FINRA will charge you a fee when you sell. Fees are nominal and apply to all sales, regardless of brokerage. The app will pass the charges to you and then send the funds to the correct SRO.

There are two other FINRA fees you should be aware of.

1. Regulatory Transaction Fees – These are fees that FINRA pays to the SEC, and Robinhood may pass them on to you if the notional value of your sales exceeds $500.

2. Trading Activity Fee – FINRA collects this fee from brokerage firms and Robinhood will pass it on to you if your sales exceed 50 shares. But, the fees themselves are very low.

Apart from that, you may have to pay ADR (American Depositary Receipts). These are foreign stocks that you can trade on US exchanges. Generally, the fee per share is between $0.01 and $0.03.

Is it legal to buy shares with Robinhood?

Yes, it is legal to buy shares with Robinhood. But in light of a recent lawsuit against the company, you might think otherwise.

A group of users sued the platform for blocking the trading of certain stocks to control their volatility. It may seem like an unfair decision, but the platform has the legal right to do so. The move was intended to prevent maverick traders from driving up prices, which could disrupt the market.

Is it safe to buy shares on Robinhood?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy shares on Robinhood. As mentioned above, the SEC regulates the exchange and is a member of FINRA. Plus, you get an extra layer of security called «Excess SPIC.» So there is no need to worry about your money as long as you are trading solidly.

Why do you offer fractional shares?

Robinhood wants to democratize trading and finance, and fractional shares let everyone have a piece of the action. Otherwise, people may not have enough money to start trading.

To explain, fractional shares allow you to invest a dollar, for example, in stocks that could cost hundreds of dollars. This gives you the option to buy only a fraction of the shares and mitigate risk as you are not investing all of your money in all of the shares.

Plus, fractional shares allow you to build a diversified portfolio without spending a lot of money.

How are fractional shares traded?

The platform allows you to trade in dollars or stocks. That is how.

stock exchange

1. In the app, select “Sell in Stocks” or “Buy in Stocks”, then enter the desired amount; the minimum is 0.000001 shares.

2. Go to the stock page, choose “Trade” and select the option “Sell” or “Buy”.

3. Click or tap the green word in the upper right corner of the screen. I could say “dollars”. Then select “Buy shares”.

dollar trade

1. Place an order to “Sell in Dollars” or “Buy in Dollars”. Type in the amount you want and Robinhood converts it into shares.

2. Navigate to the stock page, select Trade, then click ”Sell” or ”Buy”.

3. Choose the green word that could say “Actions”. Again, it’s in the top right corner of the screen. Then, complete the action by pressing «Buy in dollars».

good negotiation

Ultimately, trading with Robinhood is safe, easy and flexible. It’s great that the app allows for fractional shares, giving everyone a chance to get a taste of the stock market.

So there is no reason to hesitate to invest money in your favorite business.

What is your experience with the application? Do you think Robinhood is easy to use? Tell us more in the comments section below.

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