What Are The Benefits, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Renting And Buying An Apartment?


If you’re reading this post is because you have doubts about which is better, buying or renting an apartment; This kind of doubts you experience most people who are looking for an apartment. To make the best you decision to consider What are the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of renting and buying ra apartment keep reading this post to learn the advantages and disadvantages that can get to the rent or buy an apartment.

What are the Benefits, Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting and buy an apartment?

What are the benefits of buying and renting an apartment?

To acquire an apartment is for a single person or a family is an important decision that can not be taken lightly, because it will be the house where live only one time or where you will spend the rest of your life with family. can rent apartment using & nbsp; Airbnb .


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  • If you constantly have to change your work home for renting an apartment is the best option because the contract can last a short time .

  • You do not have a long term.

  • No need for lengthy procedures to rent.

  • If you like the area, coexistence with neighbors is difficult or apartment does not offer what you need can find another after the lease expires to you.

  • No need to have large amounts of money because in most cases only requested by one or three months deposit .

  • Most of the time the payment of rent is less than mortgage credit.

  • You do not pay tax.


  • You acquire assets that can last a lifetime if you want.

  • You do not have to pay monthly rent.

person signing the contract the rent

  • Having an apartment offers own tranquility and peace because you do not have to worry about getting money monthly from the & nbsp; rent.
  • Do not run the risk of being evicted from the house.

  • You can make changes within the apartment to feel like your home. But keep in mind that some changes must be consulted with the administration of the building.

  • Having your own apartment gives you peace of mind to seniors who are about to retire.

  • Buying an apartment is a «> long-term investment because the prices usually rise apartments with the passage of time.

cons of renting and buying an apartment



  • If you constantly change your residence for your job, buy an apartment is not the best choice.

  • You have a lot of money to purchase.

couple putting their belongings into boxes for moving

  • Buy a small apartment for a single or childless marriage is a big advantage, but if the family grows you will have to find another place to live.

  • If your neighbors are problematic, the area is unsafe or condo is very high, can not change quickly housing .

  • There are various procedures performed to finalize the purchase.

Buy or rent a property has its pros and cons, but choose whether to buy or rent will depend on your family situation, labor, economic and your daily needs; therefore analyzes your situation and choose what is best for everyone, including analyzes the advantages of living in a house and department.

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