How To Clean The Hard Drive Of My Mac Os To Improve Performance? -Basic Guide

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Do you wear while using your device Mac and now it seems as agile as before ? You may need to perform some cleaning in order to solve problems that can lead to the damage of your team permanently.

However, it is normal to find that the Mac devices do not usually require any maintenance because it provides you with alerts for temporary files, apps of little use and cache files are usually accumulated, and asks the system itself will be eliminated . Here the importance of knowing which is the storage capacity of the hard drive of your PC .

The problem with these files, is the fact that they can get to slow down your computer and thus make your use is a nightmare even though you use storage devices . In this post, we want to help improve the performance of your laptop, through a manual cleaning or through a special application for it.

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Performing cleaning with CleanMyMac X

This is a simple application which will help you find those useless files and delete , which tend to be more a problem than a benefit for your device. There are different Applications which helps you sort the information by size and date of last use within the device.

However, it is common that some files like those that take the trash, are easy to find, while others may become at unknown locations within folders on the system.

If you are in search of a tool to help with cleaning your Mac apps like href=»» CleanMyMac X , are designed with the sole purpose to find and remove all those files and documents that may go to deteriorate the speed of your computer.

CleanMyMac will offer a complete package of cleaning, which will help you clean up your hard drive in less than 5 minutes. To perform this process, just follow these steps:

  • To start the application you have downloaded into your device and after it, open it and run it on your PC .
  • Once you have begun to execute the application must click the folder «Waste system» .
  • Once you make a choice that can make an analysis of the folder will appear. You press it and wait for the next option appears.
  • Here already started to show up the option « Clear » to the press it, you’ll see how they get rid of all the rubbish of the system

And now everything will be ready!

mac cleaning program

How do the cleaning of the hard drive of your Mac manually?

This may seem like a difficult task or a little complicated. However, this is a common action that will help in the future. The good thing about this method is that you can do with simple steps, which you describe here:

  1. Start clearing the cache . This is a term that probably heard and indeed have, the best way in which to solve different problems in your web browser. Mac you usually store a lot of information regarding receiving files which are called caches.
  2. This is what you do, store some web information , so that once again enter, do not have the need to get them back to their original source. The process for this is simple, and do not take more than 5 min
  3. .

  4. You can also, uninstall those apps you do not use manually. When your Mac has many apps different, it is quite likely that it starts to go a little slower than normal. In order to free some space efficiently, you must remove some of the apps you’re no longer using and see how everything was solved.
  5. With this you can have your device working so efficiently and safely.

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