To Activate And Browse In Incognito With The Official App From Google For Ios

The technology has fascinated us, advances, changes, new equipment, applications for smart phones, there are many things we have to learn. The truth is that all these advances in mobile iPhone iOS give us many advantages, although often these browsers say all of us.

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How to Activate and browse in incognito mode with the Official App google for iOS

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Is this true. We say this because in these web around us can say that watching us, on entering any such site just opened there many details is revealed. For example, every time you go into a browser and opens a page is recorded in the history of Google page or site you saw.

Even in some web sites location, the address and perhaps other details, which sometimes do not know or we are out of hand. For these reasons at times it takes a little privacy yachting , so we need to know which strategies to use when we enter these websites.

Browse incognito with Google app

As this giant the most widely used search engine called Google, has created an option for users if you wish, you can activate and deactivate the incognito browser through the pages you have entered.

In the application of Google is available for iOS operating systems, where you get this. good option that enabled you to become invisible or incognito on the web

How initiate incognito?

 incognito with Google

These large companies have already updated the Google app to make available the option incognito in its configuration. of course this Mountain View company that is the creator of this application, has sought the way to do it. more compatible for iPhone iOS

From which included setting this option with technology Touch ID , plus they implemented this way adapting it to specific models of iPhone as are the 6S, 7 with its 3D Touch. In these models by tapping the Google app icon you get access various options including navigate private and activate the incognito .

To access this is the first place the app Google in your iPhone, you can then enter the 3D Touch method or by using the conventional method for other phone models. When they are models or 7 iPhone 6S go directly with 3d touch, & nbsp system;. There’ll agree to options where to get incognito mode, where the press, being activated

For another way to enter is by placing Google in the menu on the top left, down a bit and there’s incognito mode option active and ready . There is still another way in, is looking for the icon of our own where a menu of options, enter Incognito mode on automatically select this function is already displayed.

It is also important that if we set to turn technology Touch ID get down a little on the menu until this option and activate it.

We achieved a little more tranquility to the prevent the pages that have navigated are saved, all that browsing history does not see anyone. Also cookies , the information entered in forms not is saved, even the location.

As we have seen this way to navigate your iPhone iOS is quite easy to activate, the steps according to the model of iPhone that have lead you to get quickly incognito.

You will not leave traces of your browsing history, this makes you visit websites with some degree of privacy to the information you are looking for. Everything we do with our iPhone even we can disable the «Find My iPhone» not needed while navigating to incognito .

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