How To Play Ios Connecting A Ps4 Or Xbox Controller One Without Installing Anything?

 play on iOS by connecting a PS4 or Xbox controller One without installing anything

With the advent of new mobile technology, it is now possible play on iOS by connecting a PS4 or Xbox controller One to play games on them without installing anything.

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How to Play iOS connecting a PS4 or Xbox Command One without installing anything

Today, connect a control to another silver form is common, for example Fortnite play with a gamepad generic PC.

In turn, it is a good alternative when you can not give the href=””>

Many of the games released for iPhone, are more comfortable to play with a command or control, either the PlayStation or the Xbox company.

In addition, games developers understand this need, and many of them have adjusted the compatibility of the DualShock 4 and command of the Xbox One to please users.

Although it seems impossible, these same possess the quality of being wireless, and from it is possible to connect to the phone . This guide shows how to achieve it.

What games I can connect a controller PS4 and Xbox One?

Incorporating beta version iOS 13 brought incredible news that Apple no team he took to share with everyone.

And one of the most amazing was the compatibility of the same with the controls of the PS4 and Xbox One recent gaming the system.

But having said that, what games are compatible or can I play? Although system enjoy the ability to connect the controls, there will be games that not support that option .

That is, even if you have connected, you may just as this does not work because it is not compatible with that particular one.

However, most of those who fall into the category of “ Battle Royal ” are highly linkable. Among them may appoint “ Fortnite ” one of the most played globally.

 command PS4

Similarly, it is always advisable to read the description of the game in question and determine whether it is compatible or not with the controls of PS4 and Xbox One.

You can also try testing the game with control already linked to whether it really is compatible or not.

Connect the DualShock 4 or PS4 control to iOS

The process for connecting the command PS4 to iOS is quite simple, even can become the same applies to the Android system.

So on they take control against two important buttons will be, in the medium that has the symbol of the brand, and top left one that says “ Share “.

With the knob off, proceed to press the two buttons simultaneously and must wait for a time of about five or ten seconds.

is expected enough, what will happen next is that light it starts flashing white , which active signal transmission.

Then we went to the section cell settings iPhone or compatible device, and the option “ Bluetooth ” is selected.

There will be necessary to identify the wireless signal command of PS4, which will appear expressed with the following name: “ DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller


Connect Remote Xbox One to iOS

The controls PS4 and Xbox One have similar procedures when connecting to the system iOS , the only difference is the structure of the control.

In this regard, instead of pressing two buttons, this one must press one, and it must be done for a shorter period of time.

Then, to link the command is taken, which must be turned off, and press the Connect button on the back of it for three seconds.

In this way, the light will start blinking very quickly, then we go to “ Settings ” and then to “ Bluetooth ” where we will make the connection.

It is important to note that, in this case, only the versions of the controls of the Xbox One S, the One X and Elite 2 support for this action.

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