How To Troubleshoot Errors And Frequent Updates In Ios

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We can not deny that the new iOS updates arrive with the most interesting features. However, not everything is perfect and can always be mistakes. That is why we will see how to troubleshoot errors and frequent updates in iOS .

Solving Problems and Common Errors of updates in iOS

Common problems and errors in iOS

Communication Limits

An interesting feature that allows care for us our children are the “ Limits Communication ” this is more than anything to prevent our children have a contact on your device without the parent enter a PIN of security. The problem is that with some updates this fails and can evade the restrictions.

To solve this problem all you have to do is go to Settings & gt; Contacts & gt; Default account and you’ll have to iCloud change any other settings either Gmail or another.

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Troubleshoot iOS updates related to the battery

The battery is an issue that plagues every user of mobile . The problem is that updates or open apps make the battery is consumed faster in some cases. Let’s see what we can do to solve this problem and our mobile battery lasts as long as possible.

  • If you have many applications, possibly are consuming battery. App especially if you’re not using. Go to Settings & gt; Battery and check which ones are consuming too much battery. If you do not use or is not important, uninstall it.
  • Updates can cause problems if we jump from one version to another. However, additional updates usually correct all errors or most. So let’s Settings & gt; General & gt; Update software and check if there is any available.
  • Applications must be updated when we changed version of iOS. Since some older versions may work worse in the new version of the OS. For this we will App Store & gt; My Account & gt; Recently updated .
  • The background updates are useful, but require the system to be checking if there is any available, which consumes more battery power than you think. Settings & gt; General & gt; Update application in the background can disable this feature.

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How to troubleshoot iOS updates

Mobile Data and/or Wifi are disabled

It is a normal problem of what looks like the inability to enjoy mobile data or Wifi after an upgrade. A possible solution can be Airplane mode and then off. For this go to Settings & gt; Airplane mode .

Reset Network Settings is an alternative to consider. You can do so from Settings & gt; General & gt; Reset . You must enter your password to confirm the restoration. After this the device restarts and all settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, mobile networks, eliminated etc. To leave everything at the factory.

You can try a forced reboot your device if the mobile data may not work. Depending on your device can do it one way or another.

  • iPhone 6, 7 and 8 : should stop pressing the side button until the message appears on the screen, slide it off the device. Then turn the same as usual.
  • Reset on iPhone X, 11 : have to leave the side button volume and pressure to the same time until a message appears on the screen to slide on and off. Once you have completely faded on again for a few seconds while pressing the button on the right side of the device.

There are all the mistakes you can then find the different updates. However, they are the most frequent that often occur. This way you know how to troubleshoot errors and frequent updates on iO S.

Remember that if you still have any questions or perhaps an error that we have not mentioned above can leave it in the comments a little further down and try to help as soon as possible.

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