Adding A Virtual Home Button On The Iphone X -Easy And Fast

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Every advance Apple makes its services is a breakthrough that so overall breaks all current industry rules of the time. Since the addition of new models of mobile , even better and new models in the area of ​​computers.

Adding a Home button Virtual on iPhone X -Easy and Fast

Every time bring to light some of its new developments, always propose the new fashion of the moment through their new devices and user interface easy to use. And, since its release, the iPhone X has not been a stranger to this. Since his departure, the iPhone X has been presented with a bunch of new features.

But probably the most important has been the disappearance of the Start button has been around since the early models. This has made it a little harder to go directly to the start of the mobile from anywhere.

Because, although since leaving has come to have some criticism here and there in comparison to configuration with other mobile generation seems to keep everyone happy fans Apple .

Ultimately, this is a mobile screen OLED without frames, which has a high resolution and excellent additions here and there. But probably the biggest criticism I have is the elimination of the start button.

Although you are or not according to Apple’s decision, you actually have the option to make your life a little easier through the AssistiveTouch.

This is something that comes with the iOS 11 , and really makes a big difference in the X iPhone, allowing you to make use of a fully virtual Home button so you can navigate your phone. Look below how.

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How to activate your virtual Home button on your iPhone X?

To add or activate your button Home virtual , you have to make use of one of the additions that come with iOS 11 onwards, the AssistiveTouch.

And not only makes your button Virtual Home, is a simple button Home , as it will give you the freedom to perform a lot of actions through a menu simple you will best ways to navigate your device. Watch this step by step to activate:

  • First, you need to enter the Settings section of your iPhone X.
  • Here, you must enter the section Accessibility and finally AssistiveTouch option.
  • Once inside you only have to give the button “ On ” and then you can have the virtual Home button on your screen at all times.

Note that if it is easier for you, you can tell Siri to activate the AssistiveTouch and this will do so immediately.

 Point virtual button

What you need to know about your virtual Home button

Once you’ve activated your virtual button, note that it is not just a Home button. In fact, it is one of its many functions. Once you have it on the screen can make screenshots , go directly to certain applications or activate certain settings.

It also serves well as a shortcut to several actions you can do in your iPhone quickly. And, best of all, you can move anywhere on the screen.


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Many may complain of this button, but even in previous models model is a very interesting addition because you can not use other means than the physical button. In addition, the fact that it may have on the place you want is important, so you can make sure you do not mind it wherever they are.

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