Adding Week Numbers In Calendar And Google Calendar Iphone Ios

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Mobile devices are useful for many occasions. They can help us to be on both of our loved ones, to access information through the Internet , to access our social networks , have control over our health and even to organize life.

Adding Numbers Week Calendar and Google Calendar iPhone iOS

When a person is extremely busy, mobile can make a big difference in our daily lives because of all the advantages that come with its use. Through the various applications we have and we can have on a mobile device, are always popular applications designed to organize life.

We have a lot for this purpose. In fact, in app stores, we can find applications like Trello and other organizers left us to write down the tasks and appointments you have for a specific day.

These are highly effective methods to organize our activities. This shows that the use of organizers, those who are written by hand, can be shelved in order to use applications that are in our phones to do so.

And, for this, the calendars are often an important part of the process. Through the calendars can pautar appointments, reminders to make birthday and many more.

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There can only see certain dates on a calendar. Through a mobile , we can do all kinds of tasks so that we can have all the functions of an organizer without having to buy one.

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Also, see the number of weeks for a month on our calendars a very important role is. With this we can know which week of the month we are and what week of the month is a particular event.

And if you’re interested in seeing these weeks, then we show you how you display them on your device iPhone .

Through the Calendar app on your iPhone

When using an iPhone, we have direct and immediate access to all kinds of tools when we have the equipment in our hands. We can access our weight control, a Compass , among others.

But the schedule is likely to be one of the tools most used by users of any mobile device. But perhaps you find yourself entering the calendar and wanting to see the number of weeks. If so, look at how you can display them in this step by step:

  1. First, go into the Settings of your iPhone.
  2. Once here, down in the main list of Settings until you find the calendar section. Enters it.
  3. Now, on your screen a lot of options for your calendar will be displayed. Just find the of “ Week numbers ” and activate it. With this you can access and the number of weeks of any month whenever you open the Calendar app.
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    Through the Google Calendar

    While most iPhone applications are quite comfortable to use, many tend to prefer using other applications. Especially all those basic Google . This may be caused by the aesthetic appearance or interface. But whatever the reason, if you are a user of Google Calendar , and want to do the same as we explain above, follow these steps:

    • First, open the app Google Calendar on your iPhone .
    • Then, locate the menu, which is shaped like three bars horizontally and is in the top left corner. Select it.
    • Now, you need to enter Settings, and then in the General category.
    • Following this, activate the option “Week numbers” you can find in the list and Done

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