To Activate And Use The Animojis On Any Iphone With This Trick

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We do not stop and admire impress the human imagination, when we believe that already we had seen everything appears something new, which leaves us with open mouth. This is the case of the Animojis , a sort of animal icons very funny and tender you’ll love, but they are something different from the emojis custom sure But you may be wondering if you can get your Apple computers. And the answer is yes and through this article I will show how to activate and use the Animojis on any iPhone with this trick.

Activating and using Animojis on any iPhone with this trick

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Although this is a feature that came out exclusively for the iPhone X will teach you a little trick that will allow you to have it on any iPhone. How cute you have fun sending these animated faces of animals expressing an emotion in a very particular way.

There are a variety of these Animojis. So pay close attention and follow the steps below will give you so you can learn how activate and use the Animojis on any iPhone with this trick.

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To activate and use the Animojis on any iPhone with this trick

So you can activate and use the Animojis any iPhone must perform the following trick and this is, first we will lead the Apple online store. Once we enter the App store, we will look for the next application Supermoji. It this is completely free and can download without any problems.

Once this is done, we will find a button that says Open and will put pressure on him, once this is done you launch multiple windows. They will only ask permission or access to the camera, microphone, etc. In all you must put pressure on the ok option, then you will appear on the screen the first Animojis.

If you can tell, the front camera is activated and the first animal to appear began to imitate your movements especially of the head and mouth. If you talk mimicked the movements of your lips in a very funny way. If you smile, if you roll your tongue, if you move your head side to side movement of the eyes, eyebrows, this animal will too.

Using the Animojis

At the bottom of the screen appear Animojis and appear in a circle who is selected by you and will appear at the top of the screen mimicking your gestures. You can see a great variety among cats, panda bears, dogs and even a Martian. Also offers the function to change the camera for you to take a picture of a friend or family member.

For now you will not present all Animojis that are available, but I guarantee you there with the few you’ll have fun a lot. Also it offers an option that lets you change the background screen. You do this by selecting the option found at the bottom and shows a wide variety of designs and colors.

Another very nice feature that can you can choose is to the effect, this option can make the tender cat throw fire from his mouth. Choose from different fun effects really. Now if you want to use some Animojis just have to choose it on the screen and you will find a red button, you must press it to start recording.

Begin to record yourself and Animojis imitate the gestures of your face, when you find yourself finished recording your message press the icon was formerly a circle and is now a square. To do this will stop the recording. And it will play what you have recorded until then and finally save it in your photo folders , as you see it is very easy Animojis use

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Also if you do not want to record a video, you can choose the option of the photos and these videos like those can share with your friends from different social networks. And so you learn to use so simple a fabulous application that lets activate and use the Animojis on any iPhone with this trick

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