What Are The Best Original Covers Apple To Buy My Iphone?

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Have you bought an iPhone and do not know if you want to buy a protective sleeve ? And if you’ve already decided to do not know which to choose? So stay because we will show you the options you have available to you

Should I buy an iPhone?

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Many think it is not necessary to purchase a special case for your iPhone, in fact, a phone is protected normal lining Is – he then spend money worth to buy original box? This article shows you some tips to help you make a good decision.

So you’re safe and you will have all the knowledge to respect and everything that will help you see if it’s worth it. You will also see certain types of cases there to your iPhone and each has qualities that are different depending on the model.

What are the best iPhone case?


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If you plan buy a case for your iPhone and do not know what to buy, this guide will teach you what you choose. We will show you a list of original covers Apple and have an iPhone, you usually want to look after him well. So let’s see what you can buy quality bags instead of choosing the first you go through the front.

Apple iPod: silicone, leather and leather Folio

It is true that these are nothing original economic hedges, but they are nothing compared to the price of your iPhone. Besides being a product original Apple , a material quality and presentation in different materials.

These silicone covers have price range. Silicone costs $ 45 , skin costs 55 euros and skin with lid is the most expensive 149 euros. In addition, accounts with different colors like red, green, yellow, brown, purple and many others.

Case Mujjo

This type of coverage in a classic style and are among the best sellers. They are based skin and even has a small pocket for your cards. Moreover, its price is lower, is among the $ 50 and find clear’ll Amazon .

Case Nomad

The Nomad Company has several accessories for Apple devices. But not only for iPhone mobile phone, but also for the Watch Apple . In addition, product quality are questionable because they are very good and talk about the case have amazing designs.

You can enjoy their finished leather with beautiful colors and a beautiful frame around the camera. Its price varies depending on the design you prefer, are between 49 and 79 euros , but money well spent, we assure you.

Timing Cases

These covers are amazing, allow you to further develop the capacity of your iPhone photography because it has different types of lenses. These covers are used primarily for those who want the versatility to use your lenses . So if you are looking for a more elegant case maybe it is not your choice.

Peel Case

If you are looking for a more delicate style case then this is your best choice for this type of event has a ultra-thin design. Your design is not ready to withstand drops or shocks, but rather to protect against minor scratches or scratches when placed in certain place.

The price is not high, you will see in its official store $ 29 and has 8 different colors. But if you’re looking for is a cover that gives you more protection, this option is not for you.

Case Razer

This type of case is specially designed to meet the needs of buyers of the iPhone. He created his Arctech Arctech Slim and Pro are two cases that have patented technology for the Thermaphene.

This type of technology can dissipate more the color of your iPhone incorporating a sink layer. It also features a microfiber layer that prevents scratches and other material layer that protects against shocks. Its value is $ 29.99 and you can find it for different versions of the iPhone.

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