How To Block Or Restrict Sites And Web Pages On Your Iphone

 block websites banned in your mobile

Parental Controls enable us block or restrict some accesses to web pages on your iPhone that are not recommended for children, or because our eyes are inappropriate; for internet content are violent, sexual, terrorists, anyway … amounts of issues that are not of interest.

How to block or restrict sites and web pages on your iPhone

iPhone controls to hide, block or restrict access, not limited only to web pages; This also includes various applications, for example can disable and remove the iPhone assistant Siri plus easily hide the Game Center for the iPhone , or even even bloquear and put password to WhatsApp on iPhone with fingerprint or photo ID .

In the case of web pages, iOS gives us the solution, blocking these unwanted pages from your iPhone device; following a series of steps, we can restrict the content of any portal, to the same as the type of content that can be accessed with iTunes. So how block displayed on this post or restrict certain websites on your iOS.

What can you take into account the block web pages on your iOS?

If you want is restrict access to some minor and if you have an iPad or an iPhone that has internet access, configure each device individually. Some of the alternatives offered parental control our iOS, is that you can block access you have depending on age, and you can set times to use the device.

There is also an external way to manage your iOS block access to Internet without having a device that is using the router; this can select hours internet access on devices that are connected are.

elements to block from restrictions iOS

 menu restrictions ios

iOS will achieve systems have restrictions for any function or app on your device; We are much better than having to restrict them to remove applications from your iPhone because surely use us also. Within the constraints offered by iOS can limit access to:

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  • The browser.
  • FaceTime.
  • Siri.
  • iTunes Store.
  • The camera of the device.
  • AirDrop.
  • Install and delete apps.
  • Block access to movies, songs and books in iTunes, although they are downloaded on our device.

How to block a website?

This restriction Apple applies to all browsers not only Safari in this way will not need to go browser browser setting the parental control option; all limitations be applied equally throughout the system.

Then, to block any website should go settings and select the General ; In this section, you click on the constraints . Then click turn restrictions, at the time the device will ask for a unlock code so you can have access to enable and disable these options and not another individual.

 privacy menu and restrictions websites

Note: If you forget this code can not access restrictions , to less than restore the & nbsp device fully, then you go to content allowed and you click on <. em> websites ; Here are three options which are: web all sites, only certain websites or restrict adult content


  • The option of all websites is the original option, which allows you to access to all web pages.
  • Only web certain sites ; This option allows you to limit the number of web pages; You can add new websites or eliminate those available; as originally you find some web pages included.
  • Limit websites. This option will include the web address you want to limit access by selecting Never allow .

In the few

restrict web pages you select adult content limit ; thus iOS will automatically limit access to websites that are rated for adults. But if you want to allow access to a particular page and the option of iOS classifies it as adult You can now add the section add a website and clicking on the option always allow.

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This can so restrict or block any Content inappropriate Web page using the features that iOS offers, blocking directly from any of your devices such pages.

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