Switching To Assistant Siri By Google On Your Iphone

 change siri by google

In today’s article I will explain how to switch to the assistant Siri Google on your iPhone. After the last update that comes from the hand of Google for iOS 12. We want to tell about Google Assistant . Is a shortcut that allows us to reach the voice command and use it the same way with which it is used in Android.

How to Change Siri Assistant by Google on your iPhone

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At the time of use can say «Ok Google», «Hey Siri», or whatever you prefer. Note that you can not give orders to start the wizard as you would with Google Android, but must use the shortcut to to run the wizard at home .

So the first thing we must do is set up your iPhone , so that through Siri, run the Assistant Google or Google Assistant.

How To Change Siri Assistant by Google on your iPhone

Before you begin, you must have installed on your iPhone or iPad, the latest Google Assistant . In case you do not have it, you can download it from the Apple store Store on your iPhone or iPad like any other application.

Once installed, you must accept the terms and conditions. With all this already installed and ready to use, let’s proceed to configure Siri, to create a shortcut for run Google Assistant .

 google change assistant

How to set Google as Assistant Siri shortcut in a few steps

Well, now that you have the latest version installed on your device, you must enter the settings.. Once inside the settings, select «Siri and Find» As we said at the beginning, what we will do is set a shortcut from Siri to start with voice commands in Google Assistant .

In the new window «Siri and Find» , you will see all applications that can interact with the assistant iOS. What you have to do is find and select the Assistant .

In this way what we will do is to access your settings within Siri. Once you have accessed your configuration what we must do is enable «Siri and suggestions» and «Allow in lock screen» .

Finally within this window, are the shortcuts. After you select, we will take you to a new screen where you can see you have suggestions for action to create shortcuts «Hey Google».

Before you can activate, customize you and set the voice command. appears on the screen red button so you can record your voice with the words you want.

You can use the words you prefer or you are most comfortable and practical. If you want to be similar to Android, you can say to activate it is «Ok Google».

And it would be ready and set your shortcut for Google Assistant so you can enjoy a more comfortable experience when using it.

 activate assistant google

It is important to remember that, from now on, you can give orders to Google Assistant from Siri. is to say, to use the Voice you give the command to Siri: « Hey Siri opens Assistant» or «Hey Siri, Google ok» or words you used in the configuration


This way Siri, Google executed Assistant so you can interact with it. Otherwise you have to access your Google Assistant on your iPhone is through the buttons on the sides have to activate Siri.

There you say directly to the assistant Apple «Ok Google» to run Google Assistant.

As you can see, it is very easy and quick to set up your iPhone to create this new shortcut. Using voice commands to use your device is a very practical and convenient tool.

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