How To Check Or Verify If My Iphone Still Has Warranty

 check guarantee mobile device

When we acquired a well mail must take into account certain aspects of buying often overlooked. And one of them is the guarantee of the equipment we buy and above all what is the extent you have.

What’s more, becomes more important when we acquire equipment such as the iPhone, which are so expensive and do not want to happen anything. In this sense we want to teach how to check or verify if my iPhone is still under warranty.

How to check or verify if my iPhone It still has warranty

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It is therefore very important to know that guarantee acquire equipment that is in force and this we will cover for any damage present. The vast majority of the bitten apple products offers a warranty of at least 2 years. In this tutorial we will show how to check or verify if my iPhone is still under warranty.

If we watch a warranty of 2 years is long enough and it denotes the quality offered by these systems powered computers iOS operating. But it is also important that we know that situations covered by this security , lest we live a surprise time to take to the department service technicians.

iPhone warranty

How to check or verify if my iPhone still has warranty

Most likely you do not remember the date when you purchased your computer, or if for some reason you lost your purchase invoice. Whatever the reason, you should not worry because the company Apple has covered these drawbacks. And quickly we’ll show you how to check or verify if my iPhone is still under warranty.

The wonderful thing about this method you will learn how to use, is that it serves perfectly not only for iPhone but for any equipment belonging to this prestigious company Apple. And so we can verify how much warranty coverage left for my electronic device.

The first thing we do is from our team in this case iPhone, let’s go to the browser which will stick the following Link here to offer you do not waste time. In entering these can observe the page to check your service and support coverage.

You can also see the following information «Check the warranty status of Apple and suitability to purchase additional coverage of AppleCare and prompts you to enter the serial number to locate this number is very easy to do. To do this you’ll direct your phone and enter the settings in the phone.

Serial number to check the warranty on my iPhone

Then you go to select General, and here’ll select the Information option on the next screen we will direct you to the end and find the Serial Number . The next thing we will do is press this option continuously until the Copy option appears. Then press on this option to copy the serial number.

At the end to take this action, we will go back to the page and let’s just stick with the number you copied earlier. Then down a bit and we enter the verification code and finally pressed the Continue . And then we our device information appears.

We will also find three aspects that are Date valid purchase , technical support if you are still in force or whether on the contrary has expired. This usually only has a duration of three months after you bought the equipment. And the other aspect and the most important to us and occupied this tutorial.

And that is the Coverage Service and repairs here can see if you still have the warranty or if instead this has expired. Also check that offers additional options for troubleshooting your computer. If so you can select it and this will take you to perform certain steps so you can solve your problem.

 check guarantee

And this is very simple and easy way you have guided step by step so you can check or verify if my iPhone is still under warranty. As always offer practical solutions so you can know your devices.

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