How To Control, Turn Off And On Lights With An Iphone Step By Step

 power cycle control lights with an iPhone

Technology has come to be a fundamental part of today’s society. Having the latest in technological tools more than a luxury, has increasingly become a way to meet the needs of millions of people around the world. Throughout this article you will learn to control lights in an extraordinary way, using your Iphone.

Some are more eccentric than others, but it is impossible not to admit that there are tools extremely useful , depending, of course, the need you could ever have.

Caring for the electricity bill

One of the most important positive impacts on the daily lives of people, has been the ability to provide different technological tools to save . Time, space, money, whatever you need, you probably can get on a website or there is a program or application for it.

 Turns bulbs anywhere

Of course it within the most important aspects of this benefit is the electricity. Over time, they have designed different devices can activate or deactivate, for example, heating, based on whether there is any activity within one of the areas of your home or office.

Apple joins the initiative

A the research a bit about these devices, you will find that the majority seeks to engage more Android phones than those using the OS iOS .

In response, Apple has not taken too long to launch market line of accessories called Apple Homekit . However, there will always be people who for some reason or other, they will make it more difficult to acquire these items. Is it possible to find other devices that is compatible with Apple?

Koogeek, the ideal alternative

Koogeek , intelligent socket, is one of the best choices on the market, first, because of its compatibility with different operating systems. So, you will have the opportunity to control the lights on and off both an iPhone like any other Android device.

Similarly, to being compatible with Apple Homekit, that means you also could make use of this tool through your iPad, Mac or Apple TV which is extremely practical.

The installation of this equipment in your home or office is extremely simple, as if it were any other traditional bulb, a headache less for all those who may think that is required to go through a lengthy and tedious process installation.

Turn on or off the bulbs from anywhere

One of the most striking features of these lamp holders is that each bulb emits a signal WiFi , which, of course, it is captured by your phone. Through these signals, you can control the on and off from anywhere in your home or office .

Now if you want to manipulate the bulbs from absolutely anywhere where you are, so that the bulbs are on at the time of your arrival. You will need a Apple TV, as it will be that will serve as jumper between the bulbs and your phone.

How I can control the lights?

The application that will serve as an ally for such actions, will “house”, through which you can establish automation on and off, and thus control the lights with your Iphone. Or can perform these actions manually.

 control the lights

To do this, just need to click on the option (+) application and add new automation. Explore the different options “Casa” offers you, selecting times of the day, certain hours.

That way, you determine when to shut down and when the bulbs should light . Not only is it an extremely convenient feature for those cases where the trouble do you forget to turn off all the lights. But in cases where you come home late, all will be lit for you.

Try all these functions on your iPhone!

Whether through a product line Apple Homekit or through the Koogeek, not only can socket automate the switching on and off of the light bulbs in your home. but, these important functions you will save more in terms of electricity bills. You control the lights with your iPhone has never been easier What are you waiting to try?

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