Cleaning The Memory Of My Iphone Junk Files – Quick And Easy

 delete junk files iPhone

Mobile devices are teams that helped us accomplish complex tasks that were previously in a very easy way. Over the years, these devices have been updated and refined.

So there was a deep proximity to ordinary users , becoming an indispensable tool. Thank you to the mobile devices can be in contact with others and access all the information available.

Many companies are currently focused on the development of mobile devices, they remain in constant development in order to be better each time. One of the most used today by ordinary users, are the Apple devices .

Founded in 1976, Apple has been characterized as a visionary company offer equipment tools increasingly better and more advanced. Among which we can find iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac.

Why is it necessary to remove unnecessary files from my iPhone?

iPhone Cleaning

The iPhone is the smartphone that Apple company grows, the success of these smartphones is amazing. Even the company developed its own operating system, called iOS.

Every now and offer us new updates for your operating system, with features and functions outposts. Similarly, the latest equipment that Apple company has developed, come with a large storage capacity.

This is a product that programs and applications that are being developed are now more advanced and functional. What results in this are much more files, so great memories of storage required.

In many cases bring our iPhone memory is not enough, so we will need free up space your device. in most cases the same unit informs us that the storage capacity that remains available is very low.

If this is our case or have used all the space we have, we must find a way to free up memory. One of the most practical ways is remove the heavier programs , but that is not what we really want.

Whenever we download files or visited some in memory of our device stores information. This is called unnecessary files that take up unnecessary space, which can be operated on.

There are many methods you can use to remove these files on our iPhone. In this article, we learn what is the easiest method that can clean the memory of my iPhone unwanted files.

The steps to clear the memory from my iPhone junk file

If we remove our iPhone space in one of the most recommended ways removes unwanted files. There is a very simple method that can completely clean these files our device.

This method is known as movie stunt , which is trying to rent or buy a movie without purchasing it. To perform this method must first ensure that the storage capacity we have.

For the storage of our iPhone, we open the tool “Settings”, and select “General.” Then we descend to find the ” storage and iCloud” , select it.

In this way, we can see the available memory we have on our iPhone. Now we can make the procedure to erase the memory of our iPhone unwanted files.

The first thing to do is to enter the tent of our iPhone that has the name of iTunes Store .

 iTunes Store Logo

Then we went to the under “Movies” and watch a movie, the movie we choose must have more space than we have in our device.

We click “Buy” , start a charging process must be patient, as the process is a bit slow. Leave a message that there is not enough space, we click “OK” and ready.

Finally, we hope this article has provided you help. Without Thier, we would like your opinion “was able to erase the memory of your unwanted files from iPhone device? Do you know another way to do this? Leave your answers in the comments.

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