How Close All Or Several Applications At Once On My Iphone-Easy And Fast

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Today we will see how close all or several applications at once on my iPhone in a very simple way. But let’s talk about why it is not desirable to close all applications that are in the background.

The option to close all applications at once iOS is not exactly accessible as it is on Android devices. Even you not even need to do and can be counterproductive. But let’s see the tutorial first and then talk a little about this topic and why you should close all apps on your iPhone.

How close all applications iPhone

  • Click button to raise and lower the volume and then lets you press the power button . You will see displayed the option to turn off our device.
  • Now if you press the button “ Home ” and let it down a few moments while you’re on that screen can see that return to the main screen icons iOS.
  • In theory it seems that nothing had happened. However, iOS undertook to remove or close all applications that were in the background.
  • If you now press the button twice “ Home ” will see that there is no open application. And every time you open an app this may take a little longer to open because it was completely closed.

Since you closed the applications that had open, but sometimes background applications goes undetected and is open, as we recommend that you make sure to close them.

If you have an iPhone X where “ Home ” a missing button. What you should do is the following:

  • we slipped from below and keep our finger to Enable this way multitasking on your device .
  • You must keep pressing the app you want to close until a red button appears above it. Press the button to close the app. If you want to make it easier slide up the same.

The problem is that iPhone X and later, it is not possible to close all applications at once and this is something that was done on purpose from Apple.

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Because no need to close applications in iPhone

Not for anything necessary to close the applications you have on your device if you intend to save battery or RAM. Since they are “ Congeladas ” so its impact is zero in terms of battery and RAM.

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But even saved a good amount of RAM to the battery and keep them in the background The reason? Every time we open a new app it takes a little longer than normal, but if it were the background. This is because the system will have to bear all the resources necessary to open again and that consumes .

So, if we close all applications and then we have to re-open them, we are forcing the system to load the app completely again what would the opposite effect to what you want to achieve: save battery and RAM .

If you do this often enough, you’ll be consuming more battery than you can imagine. It is always advisable to leave the apps in the background as they do not consume resources of any kind.

The only time where it really is valid close some application is when it stops responding or when we are absolutely sure that for a long time are not going to use it.

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Therefore, it is obvious that close all applications on your device is not something that will help you save battery. It is even something that makes you spend much more battery than you know.

We hope this simple tutorial on how close all or several applications at once on my iPhone you easy and fast . And that in turn clarifying why I should not do you stay as clear as possible.

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As you close multiple applications at once from your iPhone also interested to know how you can move them to the same time.

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