How To Create An Email Account Free Icloud In Iphone Ios? -Fast And Easy

 Use iCloud

It is important to learn how to create an email account in iCloud, allowing you can link your account on different devices, among other things like sync Safari bookmarks across devices with iCloud.

We all know that devices with any href=””> are among the best-selling tech gadgets worldwide.

All tour operating system around the cloud whose name iCloud, and to use this service you must create an account with your own email Apple with domain.

iCloud service

The iCloud service is very important due to the large number of tools he has, and users can use every day. It is known by people as a service that handles data synchronization and of work in the cloud.

That is why everyone who has a device with manzanita Apple , need compulsion to create your account. In turn, you can easily remove or delete an iCloud account when no longer requires use.

 iCloud account

Create Account email

Before you can create an email account in iCloud, you need to have your Apple ID account. So if you still do not have it, you must enter the iTunes Store application on your device.

Now you must go to the end of options and select “ Sign in ” and then select the “ Create New Apple ID ” to create it.

You must select the region or the country that matches that of the billing method and press on “ Next “. Accept the privacy policies and terms of use.

In the next window must complete registration by adding your personal information in the appropriate boxes to create the Apple ID and create the iCloud account.

First you write the e-mail that will act Apple ID, therefore must be a single account may not have been previously used.

To create your iCloud account, just this must option to select the option “ Get Mail free iCloud ” and complete aggregating data (email address, password and verification).

Apple will ask you to enter all the data required to make the payment process, so that appears at times you want to make the purchase on the App Store.

You must add the data correctly in the appropriate fields and finish must press on “ OK ” to continue the process.

 iCloud and email

Finalizing the process

This time will receive an message to the email that previously you placed in the registry. You get the mail, select it and follow the steps.

Thus completes the process of creating an email account in iCloud. If the message spam folder does not appear in the mail, check.

Now that you’ve completed the process of creating the Apple account ID, also terminated the process of creating an iCloud email account.

Therefore, they can start making settings so you can use the service on devices that you own.

Set up iCloud in iPhone

After creating your iCloud mail, you can make settings on your iPhone device with iOS version 10.3 or higher, simply by following the steps below.

To start you select the option “ Settings ” now selected in “ Mail ” to enter. Scroll toward the end, select the “ Default Account “.

Click on the option “ iCloud ” and if necessary, add your email account and your associated password. This way your mail will set up iCloud on your iPhone.

If, however, own an iOS device with version 10.2, you must perform the following steps to complete the setup.

Enter in the section “ Settings ” in your device and then you select the option “ iCloud ” to enter.

You have the option to Advanced Setup ( “Advanced”) and select “Mail”. Click on “Information iCloud account” and then “ your email address “. Finally, you just have to add your email with the password and voila, you’ll set up your email on mobile

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