How To Remove Or Completely Eliminate The Jailbreak An Iphone Or Ipad

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Do you have an iPhone or iPad and have recently applied the Jailbreak? However, you wondered How to remove or completely eliminate Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad? then no problem, because here in this post will clearly explain everything you need to know.

We will also help you in what you should know about the Jailbreak , and why you might be interested completely remove Jailbreak.

How to Remove or completely eliminate the Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad

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What You Should Know About Jailbreak

What you should know first is that the Jailbreak is a process used by many users of iPhone or iPad mobile devices Apple brand; is the means by which the operating system is deleted of this brand.

A performing this process, the application is automatically installed Cydia, and everything will be ready to install without problem other applications that are not those of Apple ; This mode can customize your iPhone or iPad. But this brings some consequences, as we shall see later.

How to remove or completely eliminate Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad?

First make a backup of your data

  • Create a backup or backup Clouds or Backups and resguardarás your contact information, images or videos, if something unexpected arises.
  • You can then save a copy on your device wirelessly through WiFi, but if you chose to save the copy on your computer, click Back now .

Now apply one of the following ways:

Form 1: Install Cydia Impactor

 impactor installation window

  • Click here and click on the edit located on the top right of the application.
  • Then click Install , touch Confirm and immediately download, just wait a few seconds will be done.
  • At the finish downloading and installing select Return to Cydia .
  • Now on your home screen you will see a new application, click to open it.
  • In the bottom right touch delete all data , so be eliminating completely eliminating Cydia and Jailbreak.
  • Confirm delete all information , after which you should wait a bit, so already you have restored your device.
  • Finally, it provides basic information and restore your phone will be like new. Ah! and do not forget to retrieve your data from the PC.

Form 2: Download the latest version of iTunes

  • Obviously you need to previously have an iTunes account; if not, you know how to create an iTunes App Store free and unused card.
  • Then you log on to iTunes Store from your iPhone .
  • Then go to the page of your device in iTunes.
  • From here you can also make your backup or backup.
  • Click on the Restore iPod , to restore your device to the latest version compatible with your device, wait a few seconds and you will be a new device; and the like in the form 1, remember recover your backup.

 restore window on ipod touch

Why Jailbreak completely eliminate ?

  • One of the disadvantages of having installed Cydia, is energy intensive on your device, so that the battery tends to be short-lived.
  • Perhaps you are planning to sell your device and you need to remove all traces of the jailbreak, so you should not fret for some private information that has been there . In turn, the new owner would not mind nor use or safety.
  • If your iPhone or iPad begins to present failures and by chance is under warranty, Apple no longer would opt for a overhaul , so some want to delete Jailbreak completely.

We hope these forms that here we show how to remove or completely eliminate the Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad practical for you and satisfy all your requirements


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