How To Make My Own Gifs With Videos And Photos On Iphone Ipod Or Ipad

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The era of sending messages bored with text only, no content, no emotions, has come to an end, now being implemented using the Emoticons Gifs.

With these tools we can give our text messages, videos or photos, a new dimension. In the following article we will show how make my own GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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How to make my own GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone, iPod or iPad

resulting Apple is incorporating innovative features to make your conversations more enjoyable and fun. But many might think that using these tools is going out of fashion. But I can say that every time they are used primarily among users of the platform WhatsApp .

This type of Gif, are called animated and can be used by a tool that integrates Apple devices and is none other than the collection Shortcuts. There are many applications you can Download for these devices. Eta opportunity but we will use one that will help Make your own GIFs with videos and photos on iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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How do my own GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone iPod or iPad

As I have said, so you can create your own Gifs , you thenar installed on your device Apple’s App Shortcuts. This you can find and download easily from the App Store and remember what is free. After you’ve installed this app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, we turn to the next step.

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So you can Make your own GIFs with videos and photos must lead the library and now you must choose what the origin of the Gif. To do this we will choose the last video or the last picture we have made. And we went to get the latest photos or video Get the latest.

This action will ask you to authorize permissions to the App shortcuts, you must pass it, then you click on the images Get the entry option. And so the shortcut will get those images you need to perform the Gif. And this will make the picture or video from that selected at the front.

If you have chosen an image must do the following, if you selected video can skip this point, now you must create the gifs. To do this we will press on the Create Gif , then we we want to do the Gif. If we want to be played so as Infinite Loop or give a size adaptable, and we left it to its original size will take up much space.

Settings to create GIFs with videos and photos on iPhone iPod or iPad

In seconds per photo must place 0.1 which we recommend if you want your pace is faster. The next step is to select how we will display the Gif we just created. And so it has been able to observe and to do this we will select Quick View option.

Now let’s move on to name our shortcut or if you want you can put a command to run Siri. There is also another option to save it as an icon in the application on the desktop. To this you can make you go direct to the top right and here we find two buttons activate one and the other deactivate .

Now to verify that the actions we take can run well, we proceed to click on the Play option. If an image will show it quickly, but if it’s a video can take some time depending on its size. For this reason it is advisable to Gif Video that are not too long to avoid this.

 gifs for photos

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Now all will be save or share it with your contacts from other networks or applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook . And this very simple way you could learn How do my own GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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