Increases The Volume Of Your Iphone To The Maximum -Increases The Volume To 100%

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Today we will see how increased volume of your iPhone to the maximum. With a simple tutorial so you can increase the volume to 100% from your mobile device and take advantage of the maximum possible full power of the speakers of your iPhone.

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increases the volume of your iPhone to the Max -Volume Increases to 100%

Every so often when you need to listen to an audio or are expecting an important message, you must have the volume to the maximum to watch. For this we need to increase the volume of Notifications or solve the sound problem on your iPhone ; this is quite simple.

It is also true to the music. At present it is quite common to use mobile phones to listen to music wherever we are. Perhaps a meeting with friends or family do not want to be silent? You are listening too low? 0 href=””> volume? Then you should increase the maximum volume of your device.

Doing so is not at all complicated. However, we recommend caution as it can affect the device and also hearing health so it should be used when it is really necessary and not leave the volume all the time to the limit .

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How to Increase iPhone volume to the maximum

Increase the volume of notifications

As for seeing the href=””> . What you must do is display the menu below of the device. You will see several options that interests us is the one with a black line with speaker icons to extremes. If you move the white icon to the right will increase the volume.

Another option is to go to “ Settings ” and then go to the option “ Sounds ” are getting the ability to modify “ Ringer and Alerts “that is the same as what you discussed above.

Increase music volume to maximum

However, if you want to increase the volume of music, etc. You must press on “ Music ” in the menu “ Settings “.

Now you have to look “ Volume Limit ” You can see that is marked “ ” if you press and remove the volume limit then you can increase notably the volume.

where a black line will increase the maximum volume appears. To the right it is to increase and left to decrease. If you use the physical buttons on your device you can also increase or decrease.

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iPhone volume increases to the maximum only in iOS

The volume limit our iPhone is by default limited for two reasons. The first is the health of our ear, obviously it is not advisable to gain more volume as it can damage our ears.

The second are the speakers of the device. There is a limit volume so that they have a long shelf life. However, if you decide to use the speakers to the maximum possible you may end up harming them, nor is it something that happens immediately, but life would be affected.

To increase the maximum volume of iPhone is ideal for occasional situation warrants. We advise you not to keep the volume to the maximum provided by the two points that you discussed earlier.

But all in all as you can see is not so hard increase the volume of your iPhone to the maximum . With these few steps will enjoy the volume to 100% on your iOS device.

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