Locating An Iphone Or Ipod Touch In Case Of Loss Or Theft

find iPhone app

One of the most useful tools that can offer you the devices iPhone is activation of finding them . This is an option that is very simple to use and very useful to have active at all times. Many users feel safe.

To activate the application, just follow a few simple and easy steps for which only’ll need to have a Apple ID , which should have beforehand, if you’re active user Apple and iCloud .

How to Locate a iPhone iPad or iPod Touch in case of loss or theft

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What are the steps to activate Find My iPhone?

  1. To begin you must log in to your device and after this, enter the same settings. You can find it easy and simple way on the menu of your device.
  2. Once there, you just have to locate you on the iCloud tab. Once you press it, you’ll see a number of options open.
  3. You must locate you on the box « Find My iPhone » and proceed to activate
  4. When you perform these steps, make sure you have it always activates the like your iCloud account . In addition to doing this step, you will see that right side, an option that says « Location last enabled » that’s a tab that must be always active and date appear, because the system was based on so to help you recover your device.

     track iphone

    With this, if the battery in your iPhone is soon to die down low battery, the application automatically send the GPS the last location of your phone before it has off.

    What is the process to locate my iPhone?

    When the option is enabled, you can enter from another Mac device long as you have that application and proceed accessing it with your username and password Apple . When you have done all these things, you can now access the application to search the iPhone .

    If, however, you already have a device with which you can find your phone, just enough to reach you from this application and the go to your phone, you will see all your steps reflected on a map via GPS.

    Another important aspect if you are located to the left of the screen is to check if your devices are online or not. This we can verify when said device encounters a green light, which means they’re online, on the contrary, it is blue, it means that is in use that time and if the gray you see, means that it is offline . Notably, despite being very useful this feature, some users choose to disable for your Apple devices .

    location map iphone

    Other options to get my iPhone

    One of the options preferred by the most forgetful people, is placing such devices, with a sound, so they can be easily locate and quickly. This is a very useful option if you know that your mobile is close, but yet you do not remember the exact spot where you left.

    Also you can also access a number of indications, which will give you specific instructions in order to get to your device like you’re bookmarking within your GPS . This same function will indicate that turns giving and how much would be the distance traveled.

    As a last council we can give, you have the option hand, tells you where your phone has been lost and how. In this way, you can lock the device and track your location until you find it.

    This is an elementary function if you’re looking for is protect information of your contacts, emails, videos, photos or even access that has the phone to some sensitive applications, such as bank accounts or personal.

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