How To Disable And Remove The Wizard Siri On Iphone And Ipad Ios Fast?

Many users Apple doubt whether you can disable and remove the wizard Siri on an iPhone and iPad iOS .

Since use Siri as personal translator to just reconocer songs and know where are saved, this is quite helpful assistant.

Although this is an assistant both useful and entertaining at times, there comes a time when you need or want to remove it.

As this is possible, and quickly achieved, so disable the wizard Siri is something that anyone can achieve from your iOS team.

How to Disable and Remove the Assistant Siri on iPhone and iPad iOS quickly

How to disable and remove the wizard Siri on iPhone and iPad iOS?

From any computer possessing an equal or higher iOS version 11 this procedure is extremely simple, so that the next steps will be shown below.

Locate the default icon “ Settings ” in this section, must slide sight until you find the option called “ Siri & amp; Search “or” Siri and Find “.

Then you can appreciate a number of options with slide buttons that quickly adjust the parameters of the wizard in question.

Now, only must disable commands by sliding each button to the left, “ A hearing Hey Siri “, “ Siri with locked screen ” and “ Press the side button to open Siri “.

In this sense, the pop-up window of the system to remove or turn off Siri altogether, will only be visible if you are disabled or activate the three options mentioned.

So, after unchecking these arrangements, it may proceed to select “ Disable Siri ” to ensure the proper application of the parameters.

 siri iPhone

Turn off suggestions

Now if you do not want to disable the wizard Siri completely, but want to limit this operation is also possible.

In this case, by just disabling the suggestions thrown by the virtual assistant. Mode that some users do not like about the whole. For that, you must:

Addressing back to the window “ Settings ” by the touch of the icon assigned by the system to this specific section.

Then sight down and moves up to the “ Siri and Find ” option, which you should choose.

Within the section of Siri specific settings, you have to put the “ Siri Suggestions “, which will have three more options.

This last, also can check or uncheck by sliding the button. For what we want to do, all three should be grayed out.

These options would be “ Suggestions locked screen “, “ What to do Check “, “ What to do Search “, place each button the left side of the disabled.

Now, in this regard, you need not remove all if the user so desires, unlike the above method, here you can keep active either .

This under the possibility that the only person bothers you or you find it useful one of the modalities and do not want to affect this. In addition, the move it a little down, it will, similarly, access to disable or limit Siri’s suggestions only for Apps picked.

 siri use as a personal assistant translator

I want to disable the widget only suggestions

If what bothers is the proper widget suggestions, is also feasible to work on this aspect, making it eliminate the “ View Today “.

A lot of users do not like to cram this section mentioned, and if this is the problem, only need to apply the correct steps.

From the home page should slide in left to right direction to access the “ View Today “. And in this, scroll to the bottom.

To get to be able to press on the “ Edit ” button you’ll find there. Then there will be a minus “” on the left side of the “ Siri application suggestions ” which is to be played


As a result, access to a new option, called “ Delete ” be taken, and will be positioned to the right of the screen.

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In addition, for who does not handle this section of the Vista on a recurring basis, you may also be useful to spend some time removed or added on to other widgets.

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