How To Put More Than One Fingerprint On The Touch Id On My Iphone Ios

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One of the biggest advantages of most devices Phone , is to continue to protect the information from the user, now using fingerprint that decides owner so that only they have access to the same data. However, Apple has enabled the option to put more than one fingerprint Touch ID of the ¡Phone. Here you’ll learn how.

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Putting more than one Fingerprint on the Touch ID in my iPhone iOS

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Now if your mobile has problems with footprint, and do not know what to do, find you how to fix the error Touch ID iPhone does not operate footprint on this link.

This tool Apple has implemented is really a good measure of security that users have benefited. Yet there owners who like to share them Phones this method with your partner or someone else.

Therefore, in this article you will learn how to use Touch ID and how to set up more than a footprint. And in case you already use and present problems, also learn how to solve them.

How to use Touch ID?

Before you start to use it need to configure it. You will have to create a code on your device. You must ensure that both the Start button as your finger are clean and dry. This is necessary so that there are no problems dialing footprint.

Go to settings, Touch ID and code and enter the password. Then choose a footprint the Add option. Place your finger on the sensor without pressing until prompted to lift your finger.

You will be asked to take off and put the repeated sometimes leave until completely set. It is good that varies the position of the finger. The next screen will ask you to adjust the mark, this time marking the edges of the fingers on the sensor


After configured the footprint, you can use it to unlock your simply device putting your mark on the sensor, or for purchases at Tunes Store, App Store and Apple Books.

How to set more than a trace using Touch ID?

Touch ID fingerprint using blank Mobile

If you want to set up more than a trace, maybe your other thumb or index, or perhaps someone else’s set, the procedure is very simple.

You must return to the configuration of the Touch ID and press «Add a footprint» again. You have to follow the same steps above. Place your finger on the sensor repeated times to meet the process and the other footprint is set correctly.

You can identify

Then, placing a name traces . And if in the future want to delete, also can do it easily.

You only need to return to the configuration and Touch ID code, put your finger on the start button to identify and touch what footprint you want to rename and submit. And if you want to delete select «Delete trace» .

How to solve problems with the Touch ID?

Vector Logo Touch ID

From the first thing you must ensure is that your device has the latest version of IOS, if it is not, it is very easy update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iOS system.

It is also very important that your finger and the sensor are clean and dry as mentioned above.

keep clean the sensor , you can use a clean lint-free cloth to remove any traces of dirt or debris.

You must put all your finger on the sensor until it touches the metal edges but without pressing. Nor should remove your finger quickly but allow it to completely scan.

Sometimes the cover phone can hinder the scanning process which can bring problems to the unlock the device. It is therefore necessary that the sensor, until the ring around, is completely naked.

Another thing you must ensure is that the option is enabled in settings Touch ID to use the registered fingerprint to the unlock ¡Phone and/or shopping in Tunes and App Store.

Also, make sure you have already set your mark above. And you can try to configure more than one, other fingers, to make it easier unlock the device .

Apple also provides solutions to these problems in their href=»»>

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