How To Recover Files Deleted Photos And Videos On Iphone With Ios Dr.Fone


If a cell phone accounts with iPhone, sure as you would any other smartphone you had to delete several files because you no longer wish to have or because they take up much space. But what happens when you inadvertently delete files, photos and videos if you’re using and you interested in? Do not worry, here we will explain How to recover files deleted photos and videos with Dr.Fone in iPhone iOS


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How to Recover files, Photos and Videos Erased with Dr.fone in iPhone iOS

As you can see, we will explain how to recover all those files you’ve accidentally deleted a program called Dr.Fone . So maybe you wonder why do specifically with this program, so then we will give reasons showing that this program is an advantage for you.

Why use Dr.Fone?

Dr.Fone will become a helping hand in case you accidentally delete files, photos and videos from your iPhone. This program has a interface quite simple to understand and use, so you get back what you will not be erased at all complicated. It also allows you to back up your files and even transfer information from an iPhone to Android .

Anyway, as you may have noticed, there are many reasons to choose Dr.Fone to recover what has deleted in your iPhone. However, if you do not want to use this program, you can also recover deleted files using MobiSaver . Now we can go directly to how and what to do to recover files with this program on your iPhone iOS.

How to recover files deleted photos and videos with Dr.Fone on iPhone iOS?

Another great aspect of Dr.Fone is that you have three different options for recovering deleted files:

Dr.Phone for iPhone

  • From your own device iPhone or iPad either.
  • Through backup made in iCloud.
  • And finally, from your PC , which stores a backup of iTunes.

The advantage of these three methods is that all run the same way, then to learn to perform, execute all know. Now, you choose one of three options that are at your disposal to recover all deleted. If you go by way of iCloud, you’ll need to log into iCloud to access the backup and proceed to recover the desired files.

To begin to recover deleted files on your iPhone, you’ll need to download and install Dr.Fone on your PC, and then run it. Then, connect your iPhone to your PC and the program will automatically a message warning you connected your phone appears. In case you have iTunes open, you must close the session, as this interferes with the synchronization process.

Once you’ve chosen one of the three options present, the Dr.Fone program will do a thorough analysis of all files and items. You may have to wait a long time the program to perform such analysis. Once you are completed analysis , Dr.Fone will show all files, photos and videos (both deleted as you currently have) on the screen of your PC.

On the left side of the screen of your PC you will notice several folders where you will see all messages, calls, photos, videos, audios and other files from your iPhone. recover deleted data , you select them by clicking on what you want to recover Then, by clicking on the blue button to recover. This is all you need to do to recover accidentally deleted data.

 Recover deleted files with Dr.Fone

What did you notice? Is really simple recover files deleted photos and videos on iPhone with Dr.Fone program, Dr. ideal for your iPhone. And most sensational is that this whole recovery process you can do yourself with just your PC and your iPhone. Remember that no case is hopeless, because even can extract data from a damaged cell with broken or black screen.

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