How To Remove Or Uninstall Cydia Without Restore My Iphone 100% Effective?

remove or uninstall Cydia without restore my iPhone

Many users use Cydia because lets you configure many things on your devices , the problem is when they want to remove or uninstall Cydia without restore your iPhone.

How to Delete or Uninstall Cydia without restore my iPhone 100% Cash

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Cydia is the mobile application management platform for iOs. It is the comprehensive solution for customizing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Without understanding what is Cydia iPhone and its features it is logical to forbid or download and install Cydia.

But there is a negative impact of random customized for your iOS device by Cydia. In addition to safety, can affect the speed and hinder the user experience.

To maintain the speed of your iPhone quickly, you need to remove settings Cydia or the application itself. If I do not know how, this article will show you how to remove or uninstall Cydia without restore your iPhone or iPad.

Uninstall Cydia on the iPhone without a computer

Completely remove Cydia application is not as hard without realizing it with the computer. And unless there is no longer a big red button “ Delete all “.

Review the steps mentioned here and follow them as directed, one by one, in the order indicated. It’s an easy trick to perform and mostly works on all iPhone models.

But if you face some unexpected error , we strongly recommend that you make a full backup of the data on your iPhone in advance.

These are the practical steps to remove or uninstall Cydia without restoring your iPhone without using the computer:

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  • The first thing to do is to open Cydia from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on the tab “ Installed ” and plays the first adjustment you want to uninstall.
  • Now playing on “ Edit ” in the upper right and select the “ Delete “.
  • option

  • Instead of selecting the option “ Confirm ‘, you must choose the option” Continue queue “. Then add all settings to the queue.
  • Once all adjustments are added to the queue, returns to the tab “ Installed ” and tap the “ Queue “.
  • button

  • Finally, just click “ Confirm ” to delete all queue settings once.

This way you can erase all settings Cydia once. Now it’s time to restart your device to make the final automatic configuration.

Why remove Cydia from your iPhone or iPad?

There is no doubt that jail breaking your iOS device with Cydia gives you access to new wallpapers, more free apps or ringtones for your device. However, these customization features come with some side effects.

  • Cydia can seriously damage the iOs system.
  • You can reduce the speed of the device and hinder the user experience.
  • also voids the warranty of the device immediately.
  • Your device becomes vulnerable to attacks from viruses and malware.

Given all these side effects, it is very important delete Cydia from your iPhone/iPad to ensure that your device works smoothly.

Using an application

This method involves the use of a new tool called Succession (Succession). This will deleted without affecting your version of iOs , leaving your phone free from Cydia.

  • · Open Cydia and select “Fonts”.
  • · Click “Edit” and then on “Add”.
  • · We need to add a repository, so type this URL
  • · Click on “Add Source” , the repository will be added to Cydia.

 using cydia

Now you will perform the following procedure in the application of Succession. This is how you will use the application, which is also quite easy:

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  • Open Cydia and touch the tab “ Search “.
  • Enter Succession, when the result is displayed, download it as you would any setting.
  • Tap the icon of succession in your home page.
  • Click “ Download Clean Filesystem ” on the home page of the succession of the page sequence of the iPhone x.
  • Click on ‘ Download “and wait, this may take a while, since the IPSW has to be downloaded.
  • When the Download Complete notification appears, return to the main window of Succession.
  • Click on “ Preparing ” to uninstall.
  • Tap “ Delete “.

That’s it, once the process is completed, your iPhone restarts, and you can continue to use again without any problems.

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