How Easily Remove Or Disable The Automatic Brightness Of Your Iphone 11 Iphone 11 Iphone 11 Pro Or Pro Max

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How to turn off Auto-Brightness on your iPhone

You will see that these steps are not that complicated and you will be able to do it easily and repeat the process if you regret it. To deactivate this option, just follow these steps:

  1. To get started, you just need to access the “General Settings” on your device You can access this option from the central control button that you will find floating on your iPhone.

  2. Within this option, you must locate the tab that says “Accessibility” and press it to be able to see the panel of options that it offers you.

  3. Once inside, you only have to locate the option “Screen and text size” and there you will see that another panel of options is displayed.

  4. In this panel, you must locate the action “Automatic brightness” where you will also see a button that will allow you to deactivate it or configure it with the simple touch of the tab.


Once you have deactivated it, just exit the option and that’s it. The configuration is now effectively done.

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What are brightness levels?

iOS devices are created with the sole function of being useful to the user. Accordingly, their settings are based on a special sensor, which measures the level of ambient light in order to adjust the brightness levels to give the user better visibility of the content inside the phone.

In short, if you are in a dark place, the sensor will increase the brightness, and if the place you are in is brightly lit, it will lower the brightness.

This function is usually activated automatically once you have purchased your mobile phone, but it is possible to deactivate it, as you may have noticed. However, this feature affects your battery performance by 30%, so it may not work the way you want it to.

When this song is activated, you will notice that the brightness slider will move according to the different light changes.

With this short tutorial you will be able to change this setting and adapt your phone to your preferences without any problems. You also have the option to activate the dark mode on your iPhone to protect your visual health at night. In addition, you can optimise your phone’s lifespan if you don’t need to constantly use your mobile phone’s charger.

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