How To Repair The Horn Down My Iphone If Not Heard? Very Easy

Sound problems with the iPhone are extremely frequent, more often believe it. What to do when this happens? How to repair the horn down my iPhone if not heard? This article will show various ways, easy and simple Do not miss it!

One of the most frequent failures typically reported by users of iPhone is the sound: “My iPhone does not sound” , “I do not achievement listen to music through the speaker on my iPhone”, ” the horn of my cell was damaged “are the kind of complaints they receive chats help and support iPhone .

Another problem that you can find related to the speaker on your phone iPhone is when you do not listen when calls are in speakerphone.

What to do in these cases?

On countless occasions the solution is to simply make cleaning your device . With the passing of time and natural handling, dust particles can accumulate on your mobile and can reach obstruct the normal flow of sound.

In these cases to repair the horn down my iPhone it is advisable to fill patience. Armed with a toothbrush used, a small towel or piece of delicate fabric thoroughly clean of mobile, especially in areas where the speakers are located equipment.

It is also good help with a needle or pin to clean the small holes of bugles where the sound comes out. This work is necessary do it with great care to avoid damaging sensitive parts of the device.

repairing the horn down my iPhone if not heard -very easy

Easy way to repair the horn down my iPhone if not heard

It happens that when dirt is accumulated surface a simple cleaning can replace the iPhone to their original values ​​sound . But it not always resolved as malfunctioning sound mobile and need to go to other deeper actions.

Sometimes dust particles accumulated on the iPhone can lead to unintended connections of functions are triggered, as the case it is enabled, by mistake, the function of the headset and the OS mobile , believe that this is active listening device.

This usually also occur when AirPods connect to the smartphone, and the disconnect, the function of the headset continues on, which causes the speaker of the computer to crash and simply not be able to hear any sound.

To enjoy your music to the maximum from your Airpods is important that they also have a proper cleaning.

Steps to activate the speaker

Then a series of steps are observed to reactivate the role of the speaker in the iPhone, you just have to follow the verbatim.

  • First of all it is necessary to completely turn off your mobile device. You’ll touch screen for several seconds and press “Off”.
  • With a sewing needle, a pin or clean carefully inside the iPhone speaker, to remove all of the accumulated dust. Toothpick
  • Once the deep cleaning of the iPhone speaker, restarts the device and see if the problem is solved. There are simple ways to repair the horn down my iPhone , when this does not sound.

repairing the horn down my iPhone if not heard -very easy

  • In cases of atrial function remains active even though they are not connected, you must go to the “Settings” of the cell and check if there are enabled or not. Should be positive and give are activated to disable option.
  • Another alternative that should not be ruled out is when, inadvertently, have connected the mute function of the computer , which prevents hear a sound. In these cases we must check that the sound switch is turned on and the appropriate volume.

Reconfigure the iPhone

Finally, before going to the aid of external support, another initiative that can be undertaken is make a backup of valuable information that owns the computer and restore the original values of the iPhone.

In short, this is reconfigure iPhone to its factory settings, like new, and load the saved data in the backup. This should restore normal speaker equipment. We show several alternatives to repair the horn down my iPhone.

Your iPhone device can also be connected or linked to stereo your home, so that share the music that you like.

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