How To Save And Store Your Photos And Videos On Icloud Completely Free And Unlimited

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In this article you can learn how to save and store your photos and videos on iCloud completely free and unlimited setting your photos and videos so that they remain stored in the cloud iPhone or iPad.

iCloud is a great storage has iPhone and iPad to achieve have a copy of your images, videos or important documents like the style of Google Drive on Android. Today we will try to show you how you can save in a few steps in storing your images and iCloud important videos unlimited and totally free.

Saving and store your photos and videos totally free iCloud and Unlimited

How to enable iCloud Photo Library?

We begin by explaining that is the photo library , is a library that we can store videos and pictures inside, which are synchronized via the Internet and so to save it for any emergency that arises in our operating system power have an emergency backup and not lose important pictures and videos of our iPhone or iPad.

It will automatically update with your gallery of photos and videos on the device to up to iCloud each new photo or video into your device can disable well as automatic synchronization in the gallery. configure iCloud storage is important .

You only synchronize when your device is connected to a WiFi network to avoid mobile data spending your mobile internet server.

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Steps to activate the Photo Library

  1. We must first enter your settings iPad or iPhone and then “Settings” .
  2. Select your user and click “iCloud” .
  3. «Photos» must click and open up the following options.
  4. Alli find “Photo Library” and thus activate this mode within our mobile device.
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    Now start synchronizing your photos and videos from your reel in iCloud.

    Remember if you want more space within your iCloud only must hire more space and pay monthly installments in dollars in order to access more alli space to continue storing pictures and videos.

    To begin you will have free 5GB only the registration in iCloud and already consumed those 5GB plan must hire more space in your iCloud.

    If you have members in your family who also use iPhone or iPad can hire a high storage plan and share it with them, this will leave more economical way and may use all cloud iCloud to store your videos and photographs.

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    Alternatives to store files in the cloud

    Dropbox, powerful in the category of alternative storage Android and iOS , we can use it in place, offering attractive prices for storing data, photos, videos and more they want, taking opportunity to download it on any computer where we start sitting inside Dropbox and sharing files with other users, photos or videos online at the moment.

    To start when we installed our program we will see that gives us 15GB of free space and from there when we reach complete access payments figures affordable monthly plans for users.

    His plans range from 100 GB to 1.99 euros up plans 30TB to 299.9 EUR, You can see all his plans entering the official website of Dropbox, one space can be shared by up to 5 extra limbs like your family or friends.

    This article on how to save and store your photos and videos on iCloud totally free and unlimited. Similarly we recommend regularly free storage space for your iCloud you can save all the important files for you.

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