Viewing Photos And Videos Of The Iphone On Your Tv Via Apple Tv Wirelessly

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View photos and videos from the iPhone on your TV has become an amazing reality that does not warrant the use of cables, installations or file scan, because Apple TV every day extends its functions to offer more possibilities to its users.

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How to view photos and videos of the iPhone on your TV using Apple TV without cables

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It is no secret that this device compatibility variable is intended to convey the multimedia content that the community has in its library.

On the other hand, is trained by a dynamism that allows more than one person in the household be able to enjoy the features that benefit consumers.

Sobran many reasons to show how amazing it can be AppleTV to enjoy the content of the devices in TV.

If you have an iPhone advantage of all the options offered by your phone to facilitate the use of your Apple TV, as is the possibility of use it as your remote control device. Apple TV not only gives you the option to connect your TV with your phone, you saer that you can also make your PC and so to see the movie you want.

Despite being a Mac Apple TV device lets you connect with other devices that are not of the same make, of course previously should check devices which are compatible with your Apple TV.

begins to view photos and videos of the iPhone on your TV via your Internet network

In the same way you can share movies via the iTunes application from your computer to the Smart TV in your home, also can transmit images and videos from your gallery wirelessly.

Transmits the videos you play on your TV

Every time you play a video, either on a compatible application on iOS devices or on Apple TV, you can tap the screen to display the controls of the player.

A side of the bar that determines the length of the video will find the icon « AirPlay » that is shaped like a rectangle with a triangle on the bottom line.

 iphone and smart tv

After pressing it, just select need « Apple TV » or the name of the TV that is being supported by the extension, in order to allocate playback.

In the event that the TV screen is reached display a window with a code of AirPlay, it must be added to your iPhone.

transmits the images you want to see on your TV

If you want to view photos and videos of the iPhone on your TV, from your mobile phone you can open the gallery « Photos «, where you only need to click on a photo to open it and find the icon or option of « Share » described above.

A the slide up, press on « AirPlay » to select the « Apple TV » or smart HDTV on your devices are linked.

In this way, you will achieve convey the image you visualize in your phone to the Smart TV in your home.

What should you do if you want to duplicate the screen of your device on Apple TV?

He method « Duplicate screen » deals to transmit the entire contents of your screen to the TV so it can be displayed there.

To do need to make sure the devices that you will use (Apple TV, Smart TV synchronized AirPlay and any device with iOs operating system) are connected to the same network Wi-Fi .

 phone and smart TV

Now on your mobile device must access the « Control Center «, which depends on the iOs version you are using.

He continues to select the option « Duplicate screen » that is arranged in a two rectangles icon, then select Smart TV or AirPlay you have in your home.

Note that the HDTV will use the guidance that you own that you keep the phone in terms of the ratio of the appearance of the device.

If you want the Smart TV fills the entire screen of your mobile phone iOs, you can change the aspect ratio with the given event or set the zoom which owns TV.

Finally, to stop duplication, you just have to re-access the « Control Center » performing the same steps above, unlike this time you you pressed on the option « Leave duplicate «.

Once you have finished using your device we recommend that you turn off correctly either by

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