Activating The Assistive Touch If The Start Button Your Iphone Does Not Work

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In the next article we will see how to activate the Assistive Touch If the home button on your iPhone does not work. Not for nothing strange that at some point the iPhone home button begins to fail, especially when it’s time that we have and if we use it too often.

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Activating the Assistive Touch the Home button if your iPhone Does not Work

Nor is the Home is damaged or stop working from scratch. These devices are tough and complicated that the button does not work. However, there is always the possibility that may occur.

Almost everything we do in our device we can do with the touch screen without using any physical button. However, every so often we need to use the start button for out quickly in any app.

If you stop working or just want to avoid having to use it. Then you’ll be happy to know that iOS has an alternative that not only serves to replace such physical button. But it can also be used to facilitate your day by day with your Apple device.

Then we will see how to activate Assistive Touch for supplant physical home button on your iPhone and discuss a few things you can do with this very interesting function and above all very useful.

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Enable Assistive Touch when the start button does not work

Apple has always included accessibility options on their devices. This is extremely useful when you do not want to use the start button or for some reason this has stopped working.

Therefore, in order to enter these the only options we have to do is go to “ Settings ” then “ General ” and then look for the option ” Accessibility “and finally” AssistiveTouch “.

An alternative is to use Siri. We simply ask to “ Active AssistiveTouch ” or asking you turn it off.

This way you can activate AssistiveTouch to use on-screen options you need to use your device without having to use physical buttons. Nor is it limited only to fulfill the function of the start button, serves many other things.

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Enable Assistive Touch on iPhone

Among other functions (which are configurable) can lock the screen or rotate, mute, raise or lower the volume, etc. As if that were not enough you can also take screen display.

You can use gestures to add more Features from AssistiveTouch & gt; Device & gt; More & gt; Mannerisms.

As we mentioned earlier you can customize AssistiveTouch to do whatever they want. For this all you have to do is from the menu press on any blank having a frame and an icon with the symbol “ + ” and moving your finger across the can screen burn a gesture.

Therefore, AssistiveTouch has a lot of uses and fulfills many functions that can be very useful. It’s a matter of having a little patience and customize it to have more options.

However, you know how to activate the Assistive Touch If the home button on your iPhone does not work . It would be best to use it even though the work start button. This is mostly just to look the same and that the life of this is longer, especially if you later want to sell the phone is for any reason whatever.

Remember that if you have a question or suggestion you can share with us through the comment box which you will find further down. We will be happy to answer any kind of questions you have about this feature to Apple devices.

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