How I Can Activate And Use Notifications Whatsapp On Iphone

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WhatsApp, What is it and what is it for? is one of the applications most used messaging which has become an extraordinary communications platform worldwide, because of their extraordinary tools and ease of use. This innovative social network enables the exchange of text, audio, videos and photos also make video calls in real time.

Of course, if you have an iPhone should know how to activate and use the WhatsApp notifications to get the most out of this application. Then we will present the different ways to activate and display a notification WhatsApp on your iPhone, specifically on your lock screen.

How can I Enable and Use the notifications WhatsApp on iPhone

How to activate notifications WhatsApp on the lock screen of your iPhone

There are several ways and uses that can give you your notifications, which are tailored to each Profile Privacy you want to give your information, including the most prominent mention the following.

Showing preview

This is the default setting, which is based on the locked screen display on your iPhone message and the sender of the same. But if this option were to be active by default, you must perform the following steps.

  • Whatsapp Messenger Download from the App Store.
  • First of all entering the settings of your WhatsApp .
  • Then select the notification icon.
  • Once inside this section on or placed “on” the different sub sections.
  • Now, go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • Select the gear icon.
  • Find and select the notification icon.
  • Enter the item WhatsApp and select the option always on the menu show previews .

 notifications whatsapp

Showing only the name of the sender and the message

This setting allows you to show on your iPhone is the name of the sender, but not the message. Then we will explain the steps to perform to enable such notifications.

  • Enter in your account settings WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Then select the notification.
  • At this point locate and select the option of preview.
  • Finally, you have to tick the “ never” or “if locked” option.

Note that should do the same within the configuration of the iOS operating system of your mobile phone. Also, keep in mind that the option never see the preview will prevent the message forever, although the screen is unlocked to recognizing your face.

While the option “ if locked” will not display the message on the lock screen but if the strips, to using your phone.

Showing only notice notification

To activate this mode notification on your iPhone, just you have to turn off the preview option WhatsApp . After performing this action will simply show you the new message notification not show anything of the message or the sender.

 WhatsApp new message

Note that the only difference between the configuration of WhatsApp and from iOS is that if you turned off the preview WhatsApp but not in iOS the message appears on the screen only indicating a reporting .

Importance of notifications

The incredible technological advances have contributed to the development of smart mobile increasingly intuitive which are vitaminados with software to give you a unique user experience. This leads to an unavoidable protagonist, notifications, which are increasingly part of our daily lives.

In the case of Apple, their iOS can efficiently manage each of the WhatsApp notifications in your iPhone. However, as mentioned above, there are several ways to customize your notifications according to your preferences.

In conclusion, knowing the different ways you can use the Notifications WhatsApp will allow you to organize your work, being more efficient in your daily activities. This means you can distribute your time efficiently deal with any eventuality or just be to the point.

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