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Welcome! In case you’re new in the world of iPhones and want to learn a little about the security measures offered to us, then you’ve come to the right post. Then we’ll show how to unlock a locked iPhone with iCloud account , which is a simple process Let’s do this!

About blocking an iPhone via iCloud

If you do not know, the option to lock our iPhone via iCloud is a very effective security measure with all Apple devices. In this way we will have the opportunity to find our device in case you have lost it.

It also has an option that allows us to leave the unusable mobile, which is very useful to prevent others from accessing our mobile before we can find us.

But there are times in which, after finding the lost mobile’ll have to unlock it to access it normally. It is why later didactically learn how to carry out this process in minutes Read on!

Instructions to follow to unlock a locked iPhone with iCloud account

In this section we will explain again in detail all you need to do to unlock an iPhone using iCloud account . There are several ways to do this, so we recommend you read carefully and make sure that your iPhone It is blocked by IMEI or iCloud in Apple because otherwise the process will not finish successfully.

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After having erased the information device

If you have not reached iCloud log out before you put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore. Then do not worry because there is the possibility that follow the trigger lock having available .

If you want to lock it again, you just have to enter the same ID Apple and password you’d used to configure the mobile device.

If you have bought the device to another user

Whenever you buy a iPhone to a third party, ie not purchase the device directly from an Apple store can come up with something. There is a possibility that the data of the device have not been eliminated and therefore can be synchronized with the account of the original owner.

To confirm this, you can do the following:

  • If you notice that the lock screen activation there is a warning to the to log on Apple ID in your iPhone, enter the Apple ID that was configured with the device. This means that the device is still linked to the account of the previous owner. The sensible thing you could do is remove that account Apple ID that is not yours .
  • Now, in the case lock with code appears on the screen of the device, this does not indicate that has not been completely erased the contents of the iPhone.

That is why if any of these options, you’ll need to contact the previous owner to solve this problem. Because otherwise you can not enjoy all the features of the Apple device.

In this case you will have to ask the original owner enter both your Apple ID as your password on the screen trigger lock the device to unlink your personal account. In such cases it is convenient to know how to change your account iCloud Apple ID on your iPhone to make you more comfortable set everything up.

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If the screen code is not removed and the contents of the device, then you should also ask the previous owner to unlock the phone and then follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the option “ Settings” -& gt; “General ” -& gt; “ Reset ” -& gt; “ Clear content and settings
  • Finally enter the Apple ID and password.

What to do if the owner is not present

In this case you contact the owner above and ask you from home do the following

  • You must first log into are your Apple ID
  • Then you must click the “ Find My iPhone
  • Now select the “All Devices” option
  • Then you have to press the “Delete ” option and click on “ Next ” to delete all content.
  • Finally, you must click on the option “Delete Account”

When the previous owner has removed the device from your account successfully, then you must disable the device to activate it again and initiate the process to set it.

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